Game Of Thrones Readies Us For War In “The Broken Man”

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The title of this episode “The Broken Man” can easily be applied to several characters on Game of Thrones. After all, after almost six seasons of drama, what remains are several broken men. We have Jaime Lannister who’s been exiled, Jon Snow who was brought back from the dead, and Theon Greyjoy who has been castrated. There’s another but we’ll get to him in a few.

The women on this show though prove themselves to be far from broken as many of them showed off their strengths on this week’s episode. Also on this week’s episode, we saw the return of a character we thought was long dead (yet another fun and recurring theme of this season so far) and possibly the shortest guest stint on the planet.

Gather round and let’s discuss “The Broken Man.”

What You Need To Know:

The Hound Lives: Surprise, surprise!  It turns out that the Hound aka Sandor Clegane was not as dead as we thought. The last we saw of him, Arya Stark left him dying after Brienne fought him and won. The Hound was found by a former Septon, played by Ian McShane, and nursed back to health. Sandor has since been helping the Septum and his flock of followers build houses. The Septon reveals to Sandor that he knows who he is and that the gods are not quite through with him. Later on, the group is threaten by three men from the Brotherhood without Banners, which angers the Hound. The Septon tells him not to fight and just let it be. Sandor listens to him but unfortunately as he returns from chopping wood, he finds all the followers dead and the Septon hanging. Armed with his ax now, it looks like the Hound is ready to kill some people.

In Braavos: Speaking of killing people, Arya works on making her way back to Westeros. She’s booked her passage and is all set to sail when the Waif, disguised as an old woman, attacks her. She stabs Arya several times in the stomach, and Arya manages to get away by jumping into the sea. She survives her jump and the stab wounds so far but only time will tell for how long.

In The North: Jon and Sansa reach out to several potential allies to help them take Winterfell. They were able to successful recruit the Wildings after Tormund tells them that Jon died to save them. They were also able to secure House Mormont’s allegiance after Ser Davos appeals to 10 year old Lady Lyanna Mormont’s warrior spirit. They were unable to get House Glover on board though because of Robb Stark’s indiscretions and the events that unfolded at the Red Wedding. Sansa later on pleads with her brother to get more troops but he is ready to go and fight. Sansa, not really happy with Jon’s decision, sends a raven to an unknown ally.

Elsewhere in the North, Jaime arrives at Riverrun with Bronn to take control of the situation with The Blackfish. He finds the Frey army with Edmure Tully as their prisoner and immediately seizes control of the Frey army. He then attempts to parlay with The Blackfish but the older man is not having any of Jaime’s crap. Guess this means war!

The Iron Islands: Yara and Theon stop momentarily at a brothel. Yara is all set to sail to Mereen to strike a deal with Daenerys but need Theon to find himself again. She gives a rousing pep talk, which appears to work and then leaves her brother to have a little bit of fun with a concubine.

Kings Landing: Back at Kings Landing, the High Sparrow meets with Margaery. He appears to be pleased with her and her studies but is worried because she hasn’t slept with Tommen. She tells him that she no longer desires to do so but he then reminds her of her duty to produce an heir. He also tells her to try to get her grandmother to change ways, slightly threatening the Lady Olenna in the process. Margaery catches on to that and then meets with her grandmother later on. Olenna wants Margaery to return to Highgarden but Margaery strongly urges Olenna that she is the one that needs to leave. She then slip Olenna a note with a drawing of a rose, which Olenna takes as a sign that Margaery isn’t completely brainwashed. Olenna then finds herself meeting with Cersei and proceeds to drag Cersei through all her faults and tells her that everything that is happening is indeed her fault.

Quote of the Night:

 “A Lannister always…” Jaime

“Don’t say it. Don’t fucking say it.” Bronn

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “No One” below!

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