Full-Length Trolls Trailer Was Released And It Looks Adorably Psychedelic

Credit: Dreamworks
Credit: Dreamworks

When I heard about the Trolls movie, I sighed over the state of Hollywood and got on with my life.

I’ve seen Smurfs. I know how bad this could be.

Like I saw the dolls with the crazy hair and the scary faces as a kid, but I was fairly divorced from them as a whole. Again because of the scary faces.

So it comes to say that to get me even remotely interested in the film, I would have to really like the trailer.

Damn you, Dreamworks. I liked the trailer.

Today, the first official trailer for the Trolls film was released. Not only did it seem charming and fun, it also looked amazing. The textures alone within the trailer made my inner animation nerd squee. They looked so soft and real and gorgeous like playing with your favorite felt toy.

In the film, Justin Timberlake plays Branch, who is Troll equivalent of that crazy survivalist guy that we all seem to know with the underground bunker. He is trying to prepare for the return of the Bergen, monsters and natural enemies to his people. No one, however, seems to believe him.

Until one returns and takes all the Trolls sans Poppy (Anna Kendrick), the easy-going and happy-go-lucky leader to the Trolls. She likes to scrapbook and dance, but has never really faced any real hardship. Branch finds himself to be vastly annoyed by her.

Naturally, this unlikely pair must journey together to free the other trolls from the Bergen.

Also the trolls seem to have the power to grow and shrink their hair at will, which is actually pretty nifty.

It looks charming and fun. Plus I love seeing Timberlake play kind of a stick in the mud so I’m totally done with checking it out.

You win this round, Dreamworks.

Trolls comes out in November.

Bec Heim