Austin Powers Gets A Gritty Look In Parody Trailer

Credit: New Line Cinema
Credit: New Line Cinema

Ah what parody movies made my childhood other than Austin Powers?

They were things that were usually rented by someone’s older sibling because we were way to young to watch. Yet, I still grin like a loon whenever I see them.

Nothing but good memories. After all, they took the most serious of genres, the spy-thrillers, and made them really fun and silly again. They were fun and weird and Beyonce was in them at some point. They also helped launch Mike Myers to widespread acclaim for a few years.

Before, you know, he kind of tanked his own career.

Of course, the spy genre is still kind of grim. Given the subject matter, it is a hard thing to make things silly. While it is entirely to easy to make happy things go darker.

YouTuber ryan shukis decided to have some fun with the whole thing and made the silliest spy well not so silly. In this parody video, we see what it would be like for Austin Powers in a more serious kind of a film. It is really cool and shows the importance of a trailer.

Basically, you can always change the genre with the right amount of clips, imagination, basic knowledge of film genres and music.

Needless to say with dramatic music and title cards you can change Austin Powers into James Bond or Jason Bourne fairly easily.

It’s rather impressive.

Check out the trailer below.


Bec Heim