Arrow Adds Popular Alum Carly Pope To Its Cast: Is Oliver Gaining A Friend Or Foe?

Credit: TVLine
Credit: TVLine

At this point, if Arrow adds anymore characters to its cast, the credits will be rolling for at least fifteen minutes.

So far this summer, the hit CW drama has added not one but five new characters for the upcoming season. So far, Josh Segarra, Rick Gonzalez, Tyler Ritter, Chad L. Coleman, and Madison McLaughlin have joined the cast for season five. Most of their characters will be adversaries for Oliver and Team Arrow but here’s hoping that some change sides or else Team Arrow will definitely have its hands full.

This week’s news brings us yet another character that will be joining the drama in Star City. TVLine is reporting that Popular alum Carly Pope has been cast in a recurring role. She is slated to play Susan Williams, a journalist from Coast City.

The backstory for this character seems to imply that Oliver will be facing off against her in the public eye. Williams has left Coast City for Star City and sets her eye on new Mayor Queen for a big story. One can only wonder what dirt she will dig up on Oliver; that man has so many skeletons in his closets and still so many secrets to be revealed.

Pope’s character will be making her debut in episode three.

With all these new characters being added, one must wonder about the direction the show will be taking for season five. Stephen Amell recently took to his Facebook to tease about season five a bit. “If [the premiere] is any indication, Arrow is going to be f–king mean this year,” he teased, “and that’s really exciting.”

That is exciting indeed. Sounds like the show is returning back to its gritty roots, which will definitely please fans who longed for the tones of season one and two, which was when the show was at its best.

Arrow will be back on October 5 on the CW at 8/7c.

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