“You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side” On Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey’s, Arizona hired a lawyer to fight Callie for Sofia, Ben decided to work as an anesthesiologist, and Jackson and April decided to forego legal action against each other and be civil.

When Callie and Penny get to work, they are talking about the upcoming custody battle. Callie is already trying to figure out which of her friends she can get to testify and convinces herself that she’s going to lose all of her friends.
At the same time, Arizona is talking to Richard about how uncomfortable she is that she has to ask people to testify for her and take sides. She does decide to ask Jackson and April, but doesn’t ask Richard, despite him indicating that she could. Arizona doesn’t get a chance to ask Jackson and April because Penny is on her service. She enters the room before Arizona asks.
Callie has similar luck asking Meredith, Owen interrupts before she can get it out. Callie next tries Alex, but he tells her that he’s friends with both her and Arizona,. He’s not taking sides, I love Alex. I would have been pissed if Alex had picked a side. Callie asking him was kind of shitty and picking her over Arizona or vise versa would be some crap.
When Arizona is talking to Alex about it during lunch, Penny comes up to discuss April’s test results. Arizona gets upset and accuses Penny of spying on her for Callie, she storms out and Richard follows her. Arizona went to her car to cry because she feels like a terrible mother and doctor and she’s sure she’s just going to lose Sofia anyway. Richard joins her and gives her a small pep-talk. He reminds her that if she wants her daughter, then she’s gonna have to fight hard and it’s not gonna be pretty.
In the OR with Meredith and Owen, Callie asks them about testifying for her and they tell her yes without hesitating.
At the end of their shift, Penny and Callie are heading out of the hospital and talking about their day. Callie tells her that she had a good day and managed to get people on her side. Penny tells her that she was on Arizona’s service. Callie asks her how it was and if Arizona was terrible to her. Penny tells Callie that Arizona was great. I’ve really, really grown to like Penny.
Jackson and April
They have an ultrasound with Arizona. Both are (understandably) nervous about it. The first thing they check for are any abnormalities that indicate the baby could have the same condition as their first child, and Arizona doesn’t find any. Arizona, however, does see something off about the baby’s brain. When they are discussing what it could be, April gets upset and ends up blaming Arizona for not seeing anything sooner.
Later, when they’re discussing the tests Arizona is running, April gets upset because she wants results sooner, not two weeks from now. Arizona tells her that she can do a fetal MRI but that involves putting the baby and April under general anesthesia. Arizona doesn’t want to do that if she doesn’t have to. They end up doing the procedure and find out that there’s nothing wrong with the baby, the ultrasound was just screwy. April apologizes for going a little crazy and Arizona gives April and Jackson some names of good doctors. She can’t be their friend if she’s their doctor.
Ben and Bailey
In the beginning of the episode, Ben and Bailey are at home arguing about him working as an anesthesiologist. Bailey’s still upset about it and is making Ben sleep on the couch, but she’s decided that she’s good as long as he’s not in one of her operating rooms. Naturally, he does end up in her OR because the other anesthesiologist is out. They end up creating a really awkward environment for everyone and and pull Riggs and Maggie into their crap.
After Bailey leaves the OR, Maggie tells Ben that Bailey was right and that he’s arrogant, and drops some truth bombs. Riggs talks to Bailey and reminds her that she’s not Ben’s boss and also reminds her what it’s like to be a Resident.
Stephanie started dating one of her patients, Kyle, a guitarist who suffers from hand tremors. On her day off, she brought him into the hospital because he’s still experiencing tremors. When Amelia finds out that they’re dating, she takes Stephanie off the case. Later, Amelia goes as far as taking away Stephanie’s access badge so she can’t be in the gallery and makes her wait in the Waiting Room. I thought that was a little extreme considering how much the doctors have gotten away with in regards to their family members. Stephanie ends up breaking up with Kyle. Stephanie doesn’t want to be in the waiting room, she wants to be in the OR, she wants to help people.
Next episode, the focus is on the Calzona custody battle, which I’m not too excited for. Don’t get me wrong, I love Calzona, but this is unnecessary drama. I’m also pretty sure that Callie will get custody since she is Sofia’s birth mother. She hasn’t really done anything drastic to warrant losing her. Unless the judge takes into consideration that Callie is kind of impulsive and has a tendency to make rash decisions. Like marrying George and up and moving to New York.