Tom Cavanagh To Return As Series Regular For The Flash Season Three

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

So there are multiple versions of everyone running around on The Flash. 

And while it’s not to the point where a flow chart is needed yet (looking at you Flashpoint Paradox), it’s always good to give props to this talented cast. Everyone did double-duty this season with all the alternate counterparts and Earth-2 and the like happening.

Tom Cavanagh, however, gets a lot of love from me. He’s been doing it from the start playing Harrison Wells who is really Eobard Thawne posing as Harrison Wells that Thawne killed.

…Maybe I do need that flow chart.

Anyway, when Thawne died at the end of season one it seemed like the end of Cavanagh. Then we get the real Harrison Wells from Earth-2, affectionately called Harry, coming to the party.

Then in the season finale, we saw Jesse and Harry return to Earth-2.

So the question now is: are we going to see more of this amazing actor?

Short answer: Yes.

In Entertainment Weekly‘s Spoiler Room, the site confirmed Cavanagh will return to The Flash for season three as a series regular.

EW said: “Details on next season are being kept tightly under wraps, but I can tell you that Tom Cavanagh will be back as a series regular for season 3. Consider this: If the show does indeed move forward with Flashpoint, then the Reverse-Flash never killed Earth-1 Harrison Wells and his wife, meaning we could see the original Wells next season. Maybe. Hopefully”

Dang son! That means we’ll see the real legit Harrison Wells from Earth-1 before Eobard sucked out his life juice and stole his face.

Alright I am so curious to see how badly Barry broke the timeline now. When is season three happening again?

Bec Heim