There’s A “Runaway Dinosaur” On This Week’s Episode Of The Flash

Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Hey Flash fans!

Last week was a rough one. Zoom continues to be a big threat. Caitlin is still his prisoner. Barry decided to try to get his speed back, but apparently vaporized. He also like went through Jesse and Wally. (Is this how they get their speed powers?)

So what are they gonna do this week with Kevin Smith behind the camera?

Let’s find out.

Nice Job, Harry: In the aftermath of Barry’s “death”, everyone is just in a state of shock. They find Jesse and Wally passed out. Wally is able to come around but Jesse’s heart stopped. Jesse comes to a few moments later. Iris tells Wally that Barry is dead, which shocks Wally and brings him home. Joe goes to get Henry, who is almost catatonic, but agrees to come look at Jesse.

The Dead Return: Cisco touches what’s left of Barry’s costume and he gets a vibe of Barry. He tells Joe and Henry that Barry’s alive. Henry, Joe, and Cisco go to confront Harry. Joe tells Henry to take care of Jesse and he’ll sit on Harry. Henry says that Jesse should be waking up, but he’s just not. Henry needs treatment records from Barry’s coma to help Jesse. This sends Iris and Cisco down the “poor man’s morgue”. As they find the files, the zombified Tony bursts down the door. Cisco is not amused. Cisco tries to protect Iris, but Iris is having none of it. Zombie Tony still has his powers. This is not good at all. Zombie Tony breaks free to go on a rampage, which starts with stealing some guy’s mom’s car. Iris and Cisco inform the others of what happened. After a kick in the ass from Joe, Harry devises away to bring their “dead” man back. Cisco is hooked up to the machine and taps the Speed Force. He tries to get Barry to return, but it doesn’t happen.

Deadly Habits: Tony’s rampage continues and trashes Jitterz. Henry remembers a cellmate who escaped but got caught with his girlfriend. Iris realizes this means he is after her. They go back to the Wells house. Joe tries to awkwardly figure out if Wally is a metahuman. Joe drops his mug to see if Wally has super speed, but nothing. Wally insists he feels fine. Instead, Tony is coming for Iris who is happy enough to play distraction. Iris leads Tony back to STAR where Cisco hopes electromagnets will short out his zombie brain. It doesn’t work. The group goes to hide in the Accelerator Room, but the door is not going to hold. They need Barry. Like now. Tony is battering down the door. Cisco realizes that Barry wasn’t ready yet, but they can try now. Henry wants to convince Barry to come back, but Iris wants to do it.

Dinosaurs: Barry wakes up in his childhood bedroom. He walks around his home in a state of confused shock. He finds Joe as a police officer kneeling in a taped off room. Joe greets him, but tells him that he’s not Joe. The Not-Joe says that “we” thought Barry would be more comfortable here in a place familiar with a face that was familiar. He has Barry sit down. Not-Joe asks what Barry knows about the Speed Force. Not-Joe is the Speed Force. Barry begs for the Speed Force to send him back. The Speed Force tells him that Barry’s not going back until he catches “that”: a blurred out figure. Barry stops in a park where the Speed Force takes Iris’ form. The Speed Force doesn’t want to upset him and asks why he rejected their gift. Barry says that he didn’t reject it. He had to save Wally. Barry then asked why he has those powers. The Speed Force says that it is because Barry is the Flash. Barry wants to go back and sees Cisco. The Speed Force informs him that if he goes with Cisco, then it will be without his powers. Barry turns his back on Cisco and resumes the chase.

Acceptance: Barry stops in the cemetery where the Speed Force takes Henry’s form. Barry begs to have his powers back because Zoom is coming. Speed Force tells Barry that they know what is at stake here. They just want to know why Barry has never return here: Nora’s grave. The Speed Force asks Barry why he hasn’t returned here. They want to know if he is at peace. Barry says that he has to live with choosing his life over his own mother’s. It’s a choice that he lives with every day. The Speed Force asks if he accepted the choice, but Barry doesn’t answer. He goes to chase the shadow instead. Barry returns “home” to find the Speed Force taking Nora’s form. Barry wants to know why the Speed Force is doing this to him. They assure Barry that this isn’t a punishment. He’s just tired. Barry admits that he never accepted his mother’s death. He doesn’t think that he ever will. The Speed Force implores him to accept Nora’s death. The Flash needs to accept tragedies that will because then he will be free. Barry starts to cry and says that he misses his mom so much. The Speed Force assures Barry that Nora is proud of him. Barry wants to know who is saying this: the real Nora or the Speed Force. The Speed Force replies that both of them are so proud. Together, the Speed Force and Barry read his favorite book when he was a boy: The Runaway Dinosaur. Barry recites it from memory and breaks from heart. The Speed Force declares that he is ready. He catches the shadow: The Flash. They become one.

The Flash Reborn: Barry hears Iris call for him from the Speed Force, begging him to come home. The Speed Force tells him to run. Barry reaches out to Iris and she pulls him out. Cisco informs him of the situation with Harry providing hand gestures. Barry promises to go turn on the power. Tony breaks down the door. Barry with Iris leads Tony to the lab. Tony and Barry fight. Barry tells Tony that he never liked him, but Tony deserves to rest in peace. Barry uses his lightening to help charge the magnets. As Tony falls to the ground, re-dead, Barry apologizes for getting lost. Barry goes to visit Jesse, saying he thinks he needs to be there. Barry wakes her up with his lightning. Everyone is confused, but Harry realizes that it’s the Speed Force. Henry checks over Barry in the lab. Barry admits that he realizes that everything happens for a reason, and that he wouldn’t change it. Even if he could. Henry tells Barry that he plans on staying. (How come I feel like Henry’s going to die now?) Barry and Iris go to visit Nora’s grave with flowers and the book. Iris admits she never liked it because there wasn’t the perfect person. Barry says that they found their perfect person. He doesn’t know where to go from here with her. Barry loves her though and the sound of her voice will always bring her home.

Not Good: Zoom gives Caitlin an ultimatum: him or not him. He gives a speech to his meta brethren from Earth-2. Zoom has certainly assembled an army.

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