The Night Manager’s Third Episode Brings Us A New Jonathan Pine

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

This week we reach the half way point of the series, and Pine assumes a new identity.

Madrid, Spain:  At the party for Juan Apostle’s daughter Elena, we get a glimpse of how the hight life is shallow and empty.  Roper and his entourage attend the lavish soiree but when Apo’s daughter hangs herself amidst the partying, Roper’s biggest concern is how inconvenient it is for their arms deal meeting.  We are now seeing his cut-throat attitude and more of Jed’s sorrow.

Back At Roper’s Villa: Pine is up and about and marched in to meet with Roper.  Dan thanks him for rescuing him. Roper clears the room and hands Pine a glass of Moet.  Roper asks what Pine wants, and he says just to go back to the restaurant.  Roper clarifies that he means from the world.  Pine says he has no plans, taking sometime out.  Not convinced, they continue to discuss what an anomaly Pine appears to be.  Corky and Roper reveal they have looked in to the background of Pine and know it to be false.  However they don’t know it’s all a set up from Burr’s unit.  They begin to interrogate Pine and he still pressures them to leave, revealing that his ‘cover is blown’, he is forced to stay at Roper’s villa until he can assume a new identity.  Roper also warns that he must toe the line

Back on the mainland, Angela and her team watch the island for activity.

Island Life:  We see Pine going for a run along the beach.  As Pine does laps of the pool, Jed languishes watching him.  Corky comes down to warn him that touching Jed will not be tolerated.  Meeting with Roper the next morning, Pine asks to take Dan in to town, and he agrees.

Heads Up: The scouts advise Burr’s team that Pine is headed towards town, and in the little idyllic port, Pine and Dan enjoy some ice cream watched by Burr.  Burr wanders around posing as a tourist and Pine manages to advise Burr of what is happening while seemingly casually chatting to Dan.   We get a nice little look at the relationship between Dan and his father, as well as getting some inside information.  Burr makes contact with Apostle, who is grieving his daughter, and we discover that Apo has called them. Burr lays the blame on Roper in order to get Apo to work with them.  they begin the work on removing Corky as Roper’s right-hand man.

Roper’s Villa:  Pine, chatting with Roper, begins to lay the groundwork that Corky is a possible loose cannon with his drinking.  Roper delivers his ethos that being a  man is free when he can celebrate doing evil. The next day, Pine observes arrivals for  a dinner, notes the relationship between Sandy and the nanny.  Guests include Apo and Mr Abdul Barghati, another arms dealer.  While they are off, he sneaks up to locate the  ‘Citadel’, a hidden room Dans told him all about.  Looking for the room he stumbles upon Jed, naked and crying in her bed.  We find ourselves back at the party, with Roper being the children’s entertainer.   Apo and Sandy are watching Corky drinking and flirting with young men and mentions to Sandy that he has tendency to let slip when drunk, and that his people are worried about that.  It is now a condition of Barghati’ss deal that Corky ‘not be involved’.  Dutiful Sandy immediately advises Roper of this fact.  Roper has his male company removed from the party, and Jed tells Roper her and Pine are going for a stroll.  The pair walk along the beach and Pine probes for information casually. Jed informs Pine she doesn’t care who sees her naked but she does care who sees her cry and he is not to tell anyone.  She promptly strips off and goes swimming. leaving a blushing Pine on the beach.

The sun fades and we see a thoughtful Corky: is he aware of the change in the wind towards him?  He’s not the only one thinking.  Pine is awake in bed having flashes of Jed, the forbidden fruit.

London:  Mayhew is woken to talk to the Permanent Secretary.   He finds himself in a room with Dromgoole and the team from the Riverhouse, rep of the US Embassy.  They discuss Limpet and the US wants Mayhew to bring the operation over to Intelligence.  Mayhew refuses to do so.  He leaves the meeting and is bribed by Dromgoole to hand the operation over.

Roper’s Villa:  Pine comes across Caroline Langbourne by the pool.  She warns Pine to be careful.  Then goes on to reveal that an arms deal is being struck with British and American weapons.  She reveals information that will help Pine.

Burr and Steadman discuss the danger that Pine is in.  We also get some character insight into Burr and her marriage and a hint that she and Steadman were involved once.

As Dusk Settles Across The Villa: Dan’s phone is missing and he offers to help him find it while reading a bedtime story.  Back in his own cottage, Pine takes the phone from his pocket and contacts Burr with information Caroline told him.

The villa is now empty apart from Corky, Jed and Pine.  The two antagonise one another about who was left out of things.  Pine then uses the opportunity to break in to the secret room, in a nail-biting scene he uses the alarm testing to get in and out of the room, and manages to get information on the deal as well.  He finds a stray hair, and picks it up.  He gets out with moments to spare and is found in the bedroom by Jed. Pine reveals to her he found her hair on Roper’s desk. Thus cementing their allegiance, or something more.  They are almost found by Corky.

Monaco:  In what we have suspected Roper meets with Raymond Galt, part of the MI6 Riverhouse team.  He passes on that HALO know an operation is in process. Roper now suspects Corky to be the rat.  Roper and Jed discuss the fact that Caroline told her what Roper really does and Roper passes it off.  Jed is not convinced. Roper counters with Jed’s child she hasn’t told him about.

Pine’s Cottage;:Pine is sharing information secretly but we see him choose not to share Jed’s son with the operation to protect her. The information Burr receives mentions HALO receiving funds, confirming to the audience that the Government is profiting from Roper.

Welcome To The Family: Pine is summoned to meet with Roper, once more leaving Corky out in the cold.  Roper gives Pine a new old passport in the name of Andrew Birch.  They then promptly take it back on the proviso he signs ownership of a company called Tradepass.  He is taking it over from Corky, effectively cutting him out of the business.

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