The Night Manager Experiences Ups And Downs In Episode Four

Credit" BBCOne/AMC
Credit: BBCOne/AMC

The Night Manager Experiences Ups And Downs In Episode Four

Pine has his new identity (as Andrew Birch) and is working for Roper, having taken over from Corky as the signatory to the  business front of farm machinery that hides the weapons deals.

We open with Roper explaining how the “trick works”, in other words how they make it look legitimate on paper. We hear that the new company is called Tradepass, and Pine stands to actually make money from the venture as a gift from Roper. Roper discusses how the backers are just interested in the large profits to be made from investing, not really caring what it is they are financing. Jeds is clearly unimpressed that Thomas is taking on a role in the company as Andrew Birch.

Daniel is packed and ready to leave to go back to his mother and Roper declines to the airport due to work.

Madrid. Burr is waiting in a restaurant for Apo the Lawyer and he is not expecting her. Burr shows Apo the documents from Tradepass. She offers Apo a deal to help her ‘join the dots’ of what they already know and tell her what is going on in relation to what Roper is up to.

Roper’s Villa.  Hearing a noise Pine, very on edge, grabs a knife and goes to investigate. It’s Jeds visiting as Roper has left he villa for a meeting in Geneva. Pine and Jeds discuss why they were both in Roper’s study. Pine tells her “same as you” and explains he wanted to know more about the man who employs him. Jeds denies she is ’employed’ only that she is in love with Roper.  Clearly Pine doesn’t believe her.  He takes out he photo of her son and shows her.  They discuss how Jed’s left her son becasue of her situation.  As she leaves, the pair touch and overwhelmed by being so close, kiss.  As she leaves, Pine tells her to be nice to Roper and make him happy.  Jed’s response is “why the hell would I listen to you”  All the while touching her lips where he kissed her.

London. Mayhew cycles to work and 2 silver vans suddenly hem him in trying to crush him, but he escapes in to Hyde Park. Burr and her team go through the papers from Tradepass and work through the deal and profits, again the name HALO and FELIX appear. Burr receives a call from Mayhew and tells her about the incident. He is now riled up and gives Burr more money and people. They bring Steadman back on board too. Burr shows Mayhew the paperwork they got, but does not reveal it’s from Pine.

Roper’s Villa. Roper returns from Geneva, is met by Corky but palms him off.  As Pine appears, Roper is very chummy. Jeds appears and plays the loving girlfriend.  Corky is visibly unhappy, and follows Pine to the gardens and continues with his skepticism of Pine, who shrugs him off as ‘deranged’.  Corky brings up seeing Jeds go to Pine’s cottage. He lets Pine know Roper would do unspeakable things to Jeds if he found out. Pine is fitted with a new suit for his role as Andrew Birch. Roper tells a confused Pine that “Mr Birch will pay for his own clothes” where upon Sandy throws him a wallet with cards in his new name.

Palma de Mallorca.  Roper’s entourage are celebrating the new venture. They are in a posh restaurant, Roper orders for the table however Jeds decides to order her own meal. Corky gets argumentative that they cannot give Jeds what she asks. The mood of the table is tense. Corky starts a fight with the waitstaff over someone else getting waht Jeds asked for. Pine restrains him and Corky violently gropes Pine’s genitals. It’s also this scene that we see the cameo from Le Carré himself as the dinner patron that Pine placates. Corky storms out after whispering to Roper that he cannot see what is right in front of him.

MI6.  A mysterious letter for “annual health check-up” arrives at the desk of Harry Palfrey. He meets Angela on a park bench. She shows Palfrey the papers, and again asks about HALO and FELIX. She knows that someone in the Government know about the deal. Palfrey reveals HALO is Dromgoole and FELIX is the Langley people. Palfrey reveals how they are involved. Palfrey offers more information as a way to protect himself.

Back with Roper. Pine/Birch and team are leaving lunch. Roper receives a call and asks Pine to entertain Jeds.   They walk extremely close touching hands. Jeds wants to know “who” he is. The pair sneak off up to Pine’s room. In the scene that broke the internet, the pair have sex up against the wall. Roper and Sandy are discussing their problem with ‘who knows what’ in the British Government agencies. They decide to move the operation forward to avert any further discoveries being made before the deal can be done.

London  Steadman and Burr meet up. They go over the papers to work out what point the deal is at and trace the operation.  They work out to go to Istanbul. Mayhew and Permanent Secretary have a discussion about what Burr’s team is doing and Mayhew reveals how close they are to catching Roper. The Permanent Secretary calls Dromgoole to advise they know about HALO and FELIX. Palfrey is called to Dromgoole’s office and is more than upset about being implicated in the operation. Palfrey advises Burr of what MI6 know. Apo is currently the suspected mole. They endeavor to pull him out before he is removed by the MI6 team.

Istanbul. Jeds calls Jonathon in Istanbul, and Pine says nothing but tells her to get off the line. During their meeting, it is apparent that Apo has not arrived. Instead, they have a substitute lawyer. They want the contract be signed, but the replacement lawyer wants to study the documents and the nature of the deal. “Birch” advises the lawyer that the deal gets done today, or not at all.  Opening a brief case of tens of thousands of dollars, Pine/Birch is polite but a little sinister in getting the new lawyer to sign the documents.  A bio-metric verification is set up in order to transfer the final funds.

On the Istanbul docks, the men meet the Russian suppliers. They board the ship and choose random sea containers to check the arms are there. With a quick phone call, Pine/Birch scans his eye. The funds get transferred to the Russians. The weapons are loaded on to trucks, and Roper tells Pine they will head to The Haven the next day. He was at first suspicious of Pine, but blamed Corkys’ jealousy.

Back in London, Burr waits in the office for more information. It’s a beautiful moment, where we see the real life of Angela Burr as she tells the story of being deployed on a mission in Baghdad in 2003. It had been a school sports day and gas shells had been dropped.  The children had severe injuries. Burr is clearly still upset over the incident.  It also tells us why she does what she does.  Roper sells his wares as a result of the horrific incident, and Burr has to catch him.  The phone rings. There is a problem in Istanbul.

Istanbul. Pine wakes in a fit, covered in sweat and the phone ringing. Gathering himself, he answers. Cut to him making his way through the hotel, making sure he is not followed. In the room, Burr’s team play him back the earlier conversation with Jeds. Burr is on the phone, and she is NOT HAPPY that he is falling for her. She tells him they are pulling him out. Pine tells them if he leaves, then they don’t have an operation. He runs through the litany of what Burr doesn’t have without him.

Madrid.  Back at Apo’s residence, Steadman arrives. He has to break in as there is no answer. Moving through the house, Steadman finds a bloodbath. Apo and his mistress have been brutally slain in their bed.

Istanbul. Pine demands to speak to Roper urgently. He advises him that they are being watched. He plants Burr’s team in the foyer as spy’s watching them rather than there to escort him out of the operation. Roper evacuates his team from the hotel via the underground carpark. Spotting the back up agent, Pine attacks him, and they speed off.

Roll the credits! And breathe everyone!

Has Pine gone rogue?  Will he jeopardize the operation? Will he end up with his throat slashed just like Apo and Sophie Alakan before that?

Stay tune for the next episode.

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