The Flash Crew Has To Deal With A “Rupture” On This Week’s Episode

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Flash fans!

Last week was a tough one. Barry doesn’t have his powers yet with Team Flash he was able to defeat Griffin Grey. Wally wants to meet the Flash to thank him for saving his life. Zoom has Barry’s speed and Caitlin. Killer Frost is dead. Zoom wants to conquer the multiverse.

And Harry wants to make another particle accelerator explosion to give Barry his powers.

It’s probably the best bad idea that anyone has.

Shall we see how it goes?

The Best Bad Idea: Barry and the others are using some kid of Holo-Flash with Barry running on a treadmill to do the crime fighting for them. Cisco has everything controlled. Iris is thrilled that it’s working. Harry still wants to get Barry’s groove back. Everyone points out how bad an idea it is. Harry is adamant that this will work because Holo-Flash is not going to last or save Caitlin. There’s only one way to handle Zoom: the real Flash. For some clarity, Barry goes to his Dad’s cabin in the woods to talk with him. He brings Henry up to date on things. (Henry also says his Mom’s maiden name was Garrick. Ooooh.) Barry tells Henry the plan. Henry wants Barry to think if he really needs powers to be that person? Barry admits whenever something good happens in his life is going to go away.

Need For Speed: Jesse, Harry, Iris, and Cisco look over the plans to give Barry his speed back. Cisco thinks this is still a bad idea. Harry calls him Ramon and says they need to think about Zoom. Barry comes back with his Henry, and it looks like he’s here to stay. Iris is happy to see Henry but looks uncomfortable at the implication of him staying. Everyone argues what to do since Zoom has overtaken the city. Harry wants to get Barry’s powers back. Zoom has police officers’ hostage and it is bad. They shove Wally and Jesse into the Thawne’s creepy future room for the time being. Harry, Joe, and Henry argue about what Barry needs. Henry is against it. Harry is for it. Joe is in the middle of what to do. Barry comes in and says that the decision is his and he has to be one who makes it. Harry tells Barry that things are going to get worst. Barry admits having his speed will be best. Without guarantees of the safety of the city, then they’re going to have to do it without the Flash. Jesse and Wally try to figure out how to get out of the room. Jesse is a bit reluctant, but Wally says they need to be helping their families. Harry gives a list of metahumans from his Earth, which is a lot. There are more, hidden, on this Earth because of the Flash. Barry decides that no matter the risk. He needs his powers back. They need to set off the particle accelerator.

Zoom Overtakes: At CCPD, Wally tells Joe that he is starting to feel the need to help people after the Flash saved him. Joe says they’ll figure out how to combine his love of speed and justice. Zoom appears with Caitlin. It looks like he’s about go all psycho-killer, but Caitlin stops them. He declares himself in charge. Jay tells Caitlin that he’s not letting her go because he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He says that she has a darkness in her just like her Earth-2 counterpart. Caitlin tries to find something to help her escape. She finds a phone instead. She sees Zoom give the kill order to Rupture. Zoom wants to teach them a lesson. CCPD prepares for an ambush at Jitterz. Barry asks Joe if he made the right decision and Joe doesn’t know. Barry needs to live with it. Holo-Flash appears to tease Rupture. The CCPD brings him down. Zoom sees them on the news, and is pissed. He tells Caitlin what happens next is on her and he goes to Jitterz. Zoom snaps the neck of everyone not Joe and Singh. Zoom tells them that the Flash is gone. No one is left to protect them from Zoom. He tells Singh that the days of the CCPD are over. Zoom promises Barry that he’s dead if he tries anything again.

Rupture: In the midst of getting pissed at Harry, Cisco gets a vibe of his brother Dante. It spooks him enough to send him leaving. Cisco goes to visit Dante at a bar. Things are a bit tense. The two brothers snipe and argue at each other. Cisco admits that he hopes the kidnapping would have brought them closer. Dante says nothing will bring them closer. Cisco sees the news about CCPD and heads out. Dante follows because he needs a ride home. Suddenly, they’re attacked by Rupture who greets Cisco. Dante is freaked out by his evil twin. Cisco gets them in the van and they drive like hell to get away. Harry says that they need to get Rupture’s weapon away from him to make him powerless. Dante finds Cisco’s letter to the family incase of Earth-2 death. He confronts Cisco, who tells him about his abilities. Cisco agrees with Dante. They haven’t been close in years. Zoom kills Rupture telling him that he’s a bigger disappointment then Reverb. Cisco returns to Dante in his lab and gives him a huge hug.

Destiny: Barry heads down to think and Iris joins him, who validates his fears. Iris admits she’s scared of Barry getting hurt again. Iris then tells him that she wants to be the person he comes home to. Iris is starting to think that they really need to be together as a couple. She tells him that Barry is the person she wants to have a future with: speed or not speed. Only if Barry wants to have that future with her.

How Barry Gets His Groove Back: Everyone gathers in the basement to prepare for the explosion. The chemicals, the explosion, and the Weather Wizard’s wand are the ingredients. They just need to get things going. Barry promises Joe that it’ll be okay. Iris assures Barry that no matter what she will still love him. Henry tries to give Barry an out, but Barry says the Flash is the best version of himself. He needs to do this. Things get started. Meanwhile, Wally and Jesse hotwire the way out of the room as things get started. They go to see what happens. On the roof Cisco yells out EXPECTO PATRONUM and gets the lightning. It hits and things collide. Barry is surrounded by the explosion and seems to disintegrate. Jesse and Wally are both hit with Barry’s exploded particles. Barry’s no longer in his chair. Zoom declares him dead.

Well damn. This sucks.

Bec Heim