Skydivers Stage Mid-air Quidditch Game

Credit: Warner Bros.

Out of all the wizarding world’s inventions and games, Quidditch is probably one of the muggle world’s favourite. The skill, the tactics, the all-encompassing enthusiasm for the game, it has capture our imagination and even made it off the page and into the real world. However, unlike the wizarding world, we don’t have the ability to fly off on our broomsticks and compete up in the air… until now.

A lucky few Harry Potter fans recently had the opportunity that the rest of us can only dream of… an airborne game of Quidditch. Eight skydivers took to the sky, playing a game of Quidditch after jumping from a plane. Zooming around on broomsticks and chasing a quaffle to shoot through a goal ring, the group gave a pretty good impression of what a game would be like, maybe just a tad slower. The only disappointment for me… there was no Golden Snitch to catch!

While highly entertaining, the stunt did serve a purpose. It was all put together as an advertisement for Colombian telecommunications company ETB. The person who came up with that idea better have received a huge bonus and a promotion. Though the video was posted to ETB’s YouTube site on April 26, the footage of the stunt has gone viral over the past two days, with just the official video now having been viewed more than 440,000 times at the time of writing. Not to mention that ETB is now known world-wide.

Check out the stunt below. You maybe might not want to try this at home… though I’m sure we’ll have a run of copy-cat videos from around the world hitting YouTube any day now.

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