Season Finale! It Comes Down To This, Will Pine Bring Down Roper Or End Up Dead?

Credit: BBCOne
Credit: BBCOne

First of all we apologise for the lateness of our re-cap; life.

London, Foreign & Commonwealth Office: A meeting discussing the failure of the truck stoppage at the Syrian border, Burr is being grilled over why the operation went ahead with supposed bad intelligence. Burr tells the committee about her ‘fake’ paperwork implicating the companies and Roper. Dromgoole produces the papers saying they were genuine but for Bulgaria and Italy, and Burr cries cover-up. They ask who leaked the papers but she refuses to say, only adding an Angel with a HALO. They discuss the actual raid of the trucks in Syria, questioning the source. She will not reveal her source saying their lives will be at risk.

In her now shut down office, Angela and the one team member Singhal are deflated. Burr refuses to give up and refuses to believe Pine gave them misinformation. She won’t leave him under cover. The phone rings, it’s Pine. He asks for Sophie and just says, “tell her we’re all at the same hotel, we’re all here”.

Cairo: As Pine hangs up the phone, a military courier arrives for Roper. Documents are handed over and Roper puts them in the safe. Jeds is lying in bed watching him. Cut to downstairs, Pine, Roper and Jeds are at breakfast and Pine says he has never been to Egypt. Jeds and Roper flirt and then Caroline and Sandy arrive. Jeds is taken aback. The girls are sent off shopping and Roper and Pine discuss Corky. Roper laments not talking to him and says “even traitors can be forgiven” while looking squarely at Pine. Freddie Hamid arrives and Pine struggles to contain his emotions fleetingly. The men head off to Hamid’s Villa with the largest security entourage this side of Mariah Carey. They meet up with Kouyami and the rest of the people involved in the arms deal. They discuss the specifics of the deal, and they sanction the payment with Pine’s retina scan he did earlier. They bring up the Syrian issues, and Roper confirms that the issue has been dealt with and no further problems will arise. Later that night, Roper’s party are in the bar, Pine tries to quietly talk to Jeds while making it appear it’s just banter. Jeds wants out of Ropers life, but Pine assures her they will; in time. Pine asks about the papers, Jeds says they are in the safe and she will get the code.

We see Pine laying awake at night stretched out in his bed with nothing but a bed sheet. Not sure what the point was but I’d like to thank Susanne Bier. We also see a flash of Joel Steadman and Burr at the same hotel.

Next morning at the hotel, Caroline Langbourne and Pine have a taut conversation with him suggesting she is there to spy on Jeds, just as Jeds arrives at the table. Caro advises that she IS there to spy because she was left without any choice if she wanted to see her kids.

Steadman intercepts Pine and takes him to meet with Burr. He admits to killing Corky. Burr tells him the agency is gone, they have no support but Pine is determined to complete the mission. Pine returns to the hotel kitchens to meet Youseff, who is now head chef, and asks to be put in touch with his brother Ahmer.

In the suite, Roper and Jeds are getting ready to go out, and Jeds asks him to put her earrings in the safe and she manages to get the code. The party meet to go out, and Caro reports that Jeds is not doing anything suspicious.

At the casino, a drunk Hamid thinks he knows Pine, but Pine denies it. They play roulette and Jeds uses her bets to show Pine the safe code. Pine makes his way to the bar, and texts the code to Burr, who goes to steal the paperwork. Pine drugs Hamid’s drink.

As Burr makes her way to Roper’s suite, one of the staff hands her the keys. She has the papers in her hand when Tabby, one of Roper’s security returns to the room. Angela manages to hide behind the bathroom door and messages Steadman. Tabby turns the lights on in the bathroom just as the hotel room phone rings and he is called to the front desk. Angela makes her way out of the room with the paper’s clearly shaken.

Back in the casino, Roper is still suspicious of Jeds. Hamid is getting more and more out of control, and Pine escorts him home. At Hamid’s house, Pine leads him out to the pool area, asking who is home; no one is. Pine pours another drink and drugs it, as Hamid takes drugs. Pine then asks Hamid about Sophie Alekan and did he kill her. It is at this moment Hamid recognises The Night Manager. They fight and we see the psychotic side of Pine again… he then chokes Hamid and drowns him in the pool.

Returning to the hotel (in the quickest drying pants ever), Pine collects the papers from the desk that Burr has stolen, and arranges a car to take him to meet Youseff’s brother and his people. They drive off in to the night. Birch drives to the where the arms are being held under the guise of checking the shipment. They return to the hotel, Ahmer hands Pine a number, tells him to memorise it, and press connect.

Steadman appears as room service to Roper’s suite, Jeds answers the door, and removes the envelope to return to the safe. The code no longer works. She is discovered by Roper! He calls Frisky.

Pine makes a call under his guise as Andrew Birch and uses the retina scan to transfer $300,000,000 (yes you read that right) out of the account.

Roper meanwhile sips tea as Frisky tortures Jeds using water torture. She is already quite bruised and battered. It becomes apparent that Roper knows her and Pine are having an affair.

London: Senghal calls Dromgoole to discuss a copy of the papers he has sent, the papers Burr has copied from Roper. Senghal warns Dromgoole to stay away, and let them complete the mission with his credentials in tact.

Egypt: Pine and Roper meet in the lobby with Sandy and Tabby in tow. Sandy is unable to reach Hamid, and Roper asks if he put him to bed. “Left him sleeping like a baby sir,” replies Pine. They head out to the base where the weapons are stored, but wait, what was the look on Roper’s face?

At the warehouse, Sandy informs Roper that all but two of the hotel guests are accounted for and he has Frisky attend to ‘clean it up’. Calling Frisky we see a severely beaten Jeds cowering in the corner of the bathroom.

At the Egyptian base Roper and Pin enter a disused office with a single chair… Roper asks for his phone then punches him in the stomach. Wrestled in to the chair, he is searched for weapons and a wire. Roper delivers the monologue that the game is up, but Pine denies it. He knows that Pine killed Corky to save himself, and the interrogation begins. Asking who he works with, Roper shows him a picture of Jeds with her bloody bruised face. Pine lurches for Roper but Tabby restrains him. Aware they need him for the transaction to happen he is threatened with Jeds death if he doesn’t complete the arms deal.

Steadman is watching the base and sees Pine’s cover is blown, he calls Burr just as Frisky arrives holding Jeds at gunpoint. Burr arms herself, and Frisky bursts in… hiding, Burr shoots Frisky in the kneecap, and her and Jeds run for it.

The consortium meet to finalise the deal. They start the payment and the trucks pull away. Delaying the retina scans Pine manages to type in the code given to him by Ahmer… and with that the trucks stop and the drivers run and… BOOM! Goodbye weapons.

Roper is shocked in to silence staring at Pine. Kouyami wants his money back and makes Sandy transfer the $300m back. However they discover it’s gone. Roper is both impressed and shocked he has been duped so. Kouyami threatens Roper who loses his temper. Pulling a gun he aims it at Pine’s head, and he trades Jeds life for the return of the money. They leave the base and return to the Nefertiti.

Roper and Pine are back, the money is to be transferred and he will let Jeds go. Inside the suite sits Burr. Burr has Jeds and Pines goes to see her, leaving Burr and Roper alone. Roper calls Dromgoole asking for HALO and he is told there is no HALO and he is unable to help. Roper realises he is now left alone. Burr tells him that she has been preparing for this since the “Sports day in Kurdistan”. Roper tells her he is technically clean that the company is in fact run by Pine. Steadman enters with the Egyptian police and he is arrested. He tries to throw Hamid’s name around to no avail.

We cut to Sandy, Tabby, Frisky and Roper being placed in the police van. Pine approaches him and Roper asks why he did it. “You have to commit, you have to make a decision” is his reply but Roper is still confident he will be released in a few days due to his connections. The arms consortium arrives and takes the place of the police, including some of them in the van with Roper. He is driven away screaming.

In the dark, Pine and Jeds lay entangled in bed. We cut to them talking in the lobby. She is flying back to her son and he makes plans to visit with her soon. They kiss, Jeds leaves… we close on Pine standing alone outside the Nefertiti.

Our boy survived and he got the girl. And evil has been taken care of.

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