Preach! Stephen Colbert Calls For More Female Marvel Villains

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert is just as tired of the lack of women in the MCU as the rest of us.

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black came out saying that Tony’s female antagonist in the film was cut due to toy sales. Yes. Continue rolling your eyes because it’s stupid.

Well Stephen Colbert has decided to call out Marvel for the stupidity, and their predominantly male line-up for their live action properties.

The Late Show host was hilariously super salty on it. But, I mean, aren’t we all salty about this? The lack of diversity in films as popular as these are driving me, and others, insane.

He said: “I could not help but notice, uh, when I watched it, sitting there in the theater, absolutely thrilled by the movie, um, so many of the characters seem to have something in common. Iron Man. Ant-Man. Spider-Man. Black Panther-Man. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is kind of a sausage-fest, and I gotta say all that spandex really showcases the sausage. And, it’s no accident.”

I’m with Colbert here, unsurprisingly. We need more female villains. We need more female heroes. We need more heroes and villains of different races and creeds and sexuality.

Diversity is not just a buzzword. Diversity are our lives and change needs to happen. Now.

As a Caucasian woman, I recognize my privilege. It just makes me so mad that this is something that continues to happen time and time again. Entertainment should reflect all of our lives: diverse and weird and wonderful as they are. Everyone deserves that to have a hero whose story they can recognize and relate to.

Wow. That got super serious for this piece.

Bec Heim