Penny Dreadful Handles “Predators Far and Near” On This Week’s Episode

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

This episode of Penny Dreadful is hands down one of my favorite episodes ever! I do not know how the writers and actors keep doing it, but this show manages to continuously be disgusting, surprising, and horrifying all at the same time – and it is defiantly working for me.

Also, can we talk about that ending?! My shipper trash heart is both relieved and crushed – still gonna ship it though. I feel bad just saying it!

Bro Code: Victor has brunch with Jekyll where they discuss Lily and the dual nature of humanity. Victor, like a small and creepy child, mourns the loss of the old Lily, the woman he is infatuated with but no longer exists. Hyde brings Victor to his insane asylum where he “tames” the beast of the mind and is successful in quickly normalizing a completely psychotic and bloody patient within seconds. Victor is both shocked and hypnotized by the transformation, but he still does not seem completely convinced of Jekyll’s methods.

Born to Bleed: Meanwhile, in Lily and Dorian’s world, they buy themselves into an underground ring that specializes in torturing and murdering young women. The two kill every man in the room to save the young girl Justine – who is not as innocent as she may look. The two take her home and offer her a life of murder and “monumental revenge” – sealed with a kiss from Lily. Dorian seems pleased with the entire situation, but Lily is clearly the ring leader.

Sit & Talk: Vanessa has her second session with Dr. Seward, who we learns records all her sessions for her review. Dr. Seward insists Vanessa share her story of the first time she sinned. Vanessa tells Dr. Seward everything from vampires to werewolves to things that go bump in the night and it seems that Dr. Seward is either horrified and unbelieving or just the opposite – I can’t tell. However, we all know Renfield is going to steal that tape and report it to Dracula.

I’m On A Boat: Malcolm and Kaetenay are on a boat, where Malcolm proceeds to be incredibly sea sick. The two talk of their relationship with Ethan and we learn that Ethan actually killed Kaetenay’s entire family. Ethan, the forever guilty, asks Kaetenay to scalp him in vengence, but Kaetenay refuses. He wanted Ethan to suffer through life, just like he will suffer without his family – but eventually, they fell into a family sort of love. Kaetenay, somehow, reaches Ethan through a dream. Ethan warns Kaetenay that “I’m not the man you knew. There’s blood on my teeth and in my soul, I think.” Kaetenay asks where Ethan is, and he tells him the New Mexico Territory. Rescue mission initiated!

Blood Bath: Back in the New Mexico Territory, Ethan knows it’s the full moon. One of Kaetenay’s relatives is at a trading post where he is being held. He asks the Apache women where the “old demon” is, but she does not know – not on the reservation. Ethan then tells the women to leave and she thanks him as he goes full wolf mode. He breaks free from his shackles and with the help of Hecate kills everyone. Can we take a moment to ask why I ship everyone with everyone – like, I get their connection and I don’t hate it.

Vengeance is Sweet: Dr. Seward tells Vanessa, at the end of their session, to do something that makes her happy. She of course ends up back at the Natural History Museum. Her and Sweet flirt throughout his entire lecture and it’s so adorable my heart almost bursts! Eventually the two get a moment alone and they discuss their heroes; Vanessa’s being Joan of Arc and Sweet’s being Captain Nemo. Vanessa then see’s an advertisement in the paper where there is a moving picture show of Captain Nemo that night. Vanessa writes Dr. Sweet and invites him out. The two have a pretty epic date and when Vanessa invites him for coffee he declines. Vanessa, a bit put down, is immediately reassured by a kiss on the hand and a promise to never forget her name again (which was a common theme throughout their acquaintance). Now here is the twist folks: we pan back to the creepy abandoned factory where Renfield is waiting for blood in exchange for information. Dracula offers his wrist and the camera pans out to reveal Mr. Sweet!

My soul was truly crushed here, but at least it makes my shipping life easier.

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