“Mama Tried” In A Courtroom Showdown On Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously, Callie decided to follow Penny to New York and take Sofia with her without consulting Arizona and Callie and Arizona both got lawyers and decided to fight for custody. The previously on segment in the beginning of the episode was a montage of Calzona clips from the beginning of their relationship to now and it was a giant punch in the feels. 

This episode was mainly focused on Callie and Arizona’s custody trial, so I won’t really break up the recap into sections.
Meredith’s Opening Voiceover: “There’s this Bible story. Two women both claim to be the mother of the same child. King Solomon had to choose. Two mothers, only one gets the kid. Solomon came up with a plan. He proposed a 50/50 split, literally. He offered to chop the kid in half. It all ends if one mom relinquishes her custody or else they both stand their ground and the kid gets torn apart.”
The episode starts with Callie and Arizona having an argument through their lawyers, trying to come to a custody agreement. They cannot agree, so they’re off to court, where one of them will walk away with sole custody.
Callie and Penny drop Sofia off with Amelia and Maggie for the day. Sofia has no idea what her moms are doing, all she knows is Callie hugged her too tight and for too long before she left.
Arizona sees a patient before court. It is the pregnant teenager that we saw a few episodes ago. The teen fell at home and there are some concerns about the baby. Alex and April are also on the case and have to work with the OB on call.
In court, the judge explains the proceedings and that the witness pool is shared by both Callie and Arizona and that they will be examined by both sides. The judge reminds the witnesses that they are not choosing a side between Callie and Arizona. Finally, she checks with Callie and Arizona to make sure that they want to do this because custody hearings are difficult and harsh things are often said.
The first witness is Owen, who talks about the project that he and Callie work on: building prosthetics for veterans. It’s a chance to show Callie’s heart and Owen tries to show how she rises to any occasion. Next up is DeLuca, who talks about how he wasn’t expecting to live with a kid, but he has fun and talks about how happy it is at home.
Penny is the third witness and the first one to really flub up. Arizona’s lawyer quizzes Penny on Sofia, asking her favorite toy and colors and such. Penny challenges her to ask her anything because she knows Sofia.
At the hospital, Alex and April are working on the teen with the OB. Something goes wrong and the OB says the pregnancy is non-viable, they have to do a repair or deliver the baby.
In court, Penny is still on the stand and discussing her work schedule. Arizona’s lawyer asks Penny what Sofia was wearing that morning and Penny can’t answer. Next she asks what grade Sofia is in and she messes up. Arizona’s lawyer takes the opportunity to point out that Penny hasn’t known Sofia that long and she’s about to co-parent her.
Bailey is next on the stand. Callie’s lawyer talks to her about Callie and Arizona’s schedule. The lawyer tries to get Bailey to say which specialty requires the doctor to have more emergency surgeries. Bailey doesn’t really say what she wants her to. Bailey tells the lawyer off for suggesting being a working mom is a bad thing. After Bailey’s testimony, the court is adjourned for the day.
That night, Arizona has Sofia, so Meredith stays with Callie and drinks. They talk about the custody battle and talk a little bit about Mark. He used to call Meredith and Derek with questions about Sofia. Callie starts talking about how Mark would hate all of this (he would have talked sense into Callie ages ago) and expresses some doubts about starting all of this mess.
The next morning, when Arizona drops Sofia off with Amelia, Sofia fights her. It’s a drastic difference between Callie and Penny the morning before. Sofia ends up telling Arizona she hates her before she leaves.
At the hospital, Alex and April are discussing their patient and debating on calling Arizona.
In court, Meredith is on the stand and talking about how well Sofia and her kids get along. She mentions that Penny is a good person. Arizona’s lawyer starts a line of questions that has Meredith talking about how it takes a village to raise a child and the lawyer points out that Sofia’s village is in Seattle.
Richard is next on the stand and Callie’s lawyer brings up Richard and Arizona’s trivia nights at the bar. To sum it up, Arizona gets slut-shamed and it’s crappy.
Arizona and her lawyer take some time and talk in an office about what’s happening. Arizona starts freaking out that she just lost and her lawyer calms her down and just tells her to tell the truth.
When they return to the courtroom, Callie is on the stand. She talks about the car accident and the day Sofia was born. She gets emotional (understandably so) as she takes everyone through that day and what she was thinking. Callie tells them that Sofia saved her life.
At the hospital, the on-call doctor tells the pregnant teen and her mother that they have to perform an emergency c-section. Alex disagrees with what he’s saying and Ben asks him if Arizona is an option and Alex says no.
Arizona is on the stand giving her testimony. Callie’s lawyer brings up the fact that Callie and Arizona were together before the pregnancy and after Callie got pregnant but were not together when Callie got pregnant. The lawyer talks about Callie and Mark being Sofia’s parents and Arizona argues back saying that she is Sofia’s mother, she legally adopted Sofia and she chose to be Sofia’s mother. The entire time she is talking, Arizona’s phone is ringing, and she cuts her testimony short. She apologies to the court for needing to go and tells them that she loves her child and knows she will be safe and taken care of and loved, but that there’s a child at the hospital who will not survive unless she’s there, so she has to leave. Arizona walks out and you can see that she fully believes she just lost.
Arizona gets to the hospital in time to save the baby’s life. When she returns to the courthouse, she sits outside waiting for the verdict. Callie joins her and tells her that she’s a good mom and nothing will change that. Arizona tells Callie that she would have never done what Callie did and let people say awful things about her. Penny appears and tells them the judge is ready to see them. We see the judge begin to give her verdict and we see the doctors and the hospital receive texts with the verdict, but we don’t hear it right away.
At Meredith’s house, Sofia is being picked up by the person who won custody, Arizona. Callie is in the other room crying, she doesn’t understand how she lost custody. She accepts comfort from Meredith but not Penny.
Meredith’s Closing Voiceover: “If you’re wondering how the Solomon story ends, spoiler alert, the true mom would rather give her baby up than have it ripped in two. But, what happens when there are two true mothers? That’s a no win situation. That is an entirely different story.”
I’m actually kind of happy that Arizona got custody. I mean, this whole custody thing was crap because the writers have done some crap to Callie’s character, but at this point, Callie did a shit thing to Arizona and paid for it.