It’s A “Family Affair” For The Season Finale Of Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey’s, Amelia proposed to Owen, Meredith and Riggs hooked up, April and Jackson got divorced the day April found out she was pregnant and then they fought about it, and Callie lost custody of Sofia to Arizona and broke up with Penny. Oh and Alex proposed to Jo and she turned him down again without an explanation.

This season finale was a little more low-key than previous seasons, but there was still plenty of drama and feels.

Owen and Amelia

In the beginning of the episode, Amelia is having an argument with her mother on the phone. It’s the day of Owen and Amelia’s wedding, because why wait, and Amelia’s family isn’t going to be there because they think it’s a bad idea. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of on Mama Shepherd’s side. She’s a smart lady and Amelia is way too good for Owen. Amelia ends up locking herself in the bathroom and Maggie and Meredith take different approaches of dealing with it. Maggie tries to convince Amelia to come out of the bathroom because it’s her special “love day” and Meredith decides to just wait it out. Meredith has been there for wedding day freak outs and people locking themselves in her bathroom. April does the best man thing and calls in Owen, who manages to get Amelia out of the bathroom.

Amelia has another freak out at the church, due mostly because of what Meredith said to her about stealing other people’s lives. Meredith tells her that she’s there for her and that she’ll do anything that she needs, that she’ll be her person, her twisted sister, whether that means kicking Amelia down the aisle or driving the getaway car when Amelia wants to run. Amelia chooses run, so Meredith takes Amelia and grabs Maggie on the way and they run. Maggie starts freaking out in the car about the food and the guests and everything, because someone has to. They end up at a 7-11 (or some equivalent) and buy slurpees. Amelia gets mad at Meredith for making her run and Meredith tells her that she gave Amelia options and Amelia chose this. They go back to the church and Owen and Amelia get married.

Alex and Jo

The episode opens with Alex and Meredith talking about the wedding. Meredith is complaining about Amelia having feelings all over the place, and Alex reminds her that Amelia is not Cristina (I miss Cristina). Alex is upset about Jo turning him down again and starts talking about people only having one soulmate and stuff. Meredith tells him that there is no way that Izzie was that person for him.

When Alex gets home, Jo asks him about having a baby to try to express to him that she’s committed and that she loves him. Jo doesn’t tell him why she won’t marry him but Alex doesn’t want to hear it and packs a bag, telling Jo that he’s done with all the drama.

Jo goes to the bar and gets drunk and is talking about losing Alex to Stephanie, who literally lost someone last episode. Stephanie passes Jo off to DeLuca and when they’re talking, Jo ends up telling him that she’s married and that’s why she can’t marry Alex. DeLuca takes Jo home and she tells him about her husband. She married someone when she was living in her car and he was abusive, so she ran and changed her name. Jo can’t get a divorce because he’ll know where she is. Jo is changing the entire time she is talking to DeLuca and he ends up falling on top of her in the bed (although it’s totally innocent) when Alex walks in. Alex starts punching DeLuca while Jo yells at him to stop.

Ben, Bailey, April, and Jackson

Before the wedding, Ben and Bailey get into an argument because Bailey mentions being short-staffed. When Ben tells her to lift the suspension so he can help, she says something about not trusting him, upsetting Ben. Bailey goes to the hospital and Ben goes to the church.

April gets distracted by solving the minor “Amelia locked in the bathroom” crisis and ends up forgetting the rings at Meredith’s. She doesn’t remember until they’re already at the church for the wedding and has Ben drive her to Meredith’s. The entire time Ben and April are looking for the rings, April has contractions and eventually acknowledges that she’s going into labor. When Ben checks on her dilation and everything, he realizes there’s something wrong with the baby. Ben wants to wait for an ambulance but the baby might not make it that long and April demands that he deliver the baby (on Meredith’s table). They call Arizona, Bailey, and Jackson: Arizona tells Ben what he needs to do, Bailey tells Ben that she trusts him to do this, and Jackson’s there to make sure Ben knows he needs to save April, and you know, cause it’s his baby and he can’t be there.

Ben manages to save April and the baby and most likely has his suspension lifted.

Callie and Arizona

Arizona sees Callie and Bailey coming out of an OR and tries to get information from Bailey about Callie. Apparently, Sofia keeps asking Arizona why Callie’s sad all the time. Bailey won’t tell Arizona anything because it’s not really her job to worry or whatever.

At the end of the episode, Arizona brings Sofia to Callie and has two plane tickets in hand. Arizona outlines when she wants to have Sofia and tells Callie they did this wrong and that Sofia deserves to have two happy moms. That’s the end for Callie, who gets a quiet send-off and manages to get everything that she wanted. Right after the episode ended, Sara Ramirez announced that she’s leaving the show.