“Good And Evil Braid It Be” On Penny Dreadful

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Did anyone see that twist coming on Penny Dreadful?! We all know how intertwined these characters stories are, but these writers are pure geniuses!

So, what exactly happened on this week’s episode for me to rave so much? Check it out below:

Going to War: The episode kicks off with Lily and Justine out drinking some tea. The two watch as a group of loud suffragettes march into a square and get arrested. Justine points out that Lily and the suffragettes have a lot in common, but Lily is quick to correct her. Lily explains that she does not want to be equal to men; she wants to rule over them. Later in the episode, Lily brings Justine a gift – or a test. Dorian presents Justine with a dagger and the man who bought her as his “pet whore” when she was 12 years old. Dorian lists off all his offenses and Justine decides to slit his throat – and continue stabbing him until she is covered in blood. This eventually leads to Dorian, Justine, and Lily having a threesome bathed in the man’s blood. After sexy-time, Lily proclaims that Justine is her first soldier, and she will need to help Lily in recruiting more to their cause of world domination.

Memories In The Moonlight: Meanwhile, the Creature is still getting flashbacks from his old life. He sets out to find his family and returns to London, Chinatown, where he see’s Vanessa with Mr. Sweet. He seems both genuinely happy for her, which I love. The Creature chooses to not interrupt their date and commences on his journey to find his family. His search leads him to a poor rundown, working-class housing unit by the factories. He is unable to summon the courage to knock on his families’ door, and decides to watch them from a hole in the ceiling – which will likely backfire on him per usual. The Creature decides to steal a pocket watch for his former wife to sell and to take care of their sickly sun – who better not friggen die.

Team “I don’t want to be here”: Back in the United States, Ethan has returned to human form. He tries to convince Hecate to leave, but she easily refuses. Ethan accepts her company on the grounds that his Apache father taught him to believe in things beyond his understanding and he does not get Hecate – either do I honestly. Although, Hecate does explain that she wants to rule by Ethan’s side once he decides to let loose his darkest self. Although, isn’t being the wolf of God the anti-thesis of the whole darkest self thing? Finally in the U.S. as well, Kaeteney and Sir Malcolm are pursing Ethan through the desert. They come across the house where Hecate slaughtered an innocent family to get the horses – Kaeteney worries that they are losing their son. According to Kaeteney only Ethan can save them because he has been chosen – whatever that means.

Hall of Mirrors: On a my heart is breaking note, Vanessa is on another date with Mr. Sweet (aka. Dracula). He confides in Vanessa that his wife pass away a year ago (Mina?) and that he is attempting to rejoin the world. Vanessa sees Sweet as someone who wants to rejoin the world with her. The two go to a fair together and enter into the hall of mirrors, but thanks to Dracula’s creepy followers Vanessa is trapped and horrified in the hall. The minion tells Vanessa that she has met the master before in the white room – insane asylum. When Sweet finally finds her and the two sit down for coffee, Vanessa breaks up with him, and obviously he’s furious.

The White Room: Vanessa pays another visit to Seward, however she is not too pleased. Vanessa accuses Seward of not believing her story from the previous session, she only believes that Vanessa believes it. This is not enough for Vanessa, so she grabs Seward’s hand and reads her past to prove it. Vanessa then asks Seward to hypnotize her and uncover the memories she has buried of her time in the asylum. Going back to the room, Vanessa sees the Creature, before his death. He is the orderly who brings her food. Meanwhile, back at the creepy factory, Dracula kills the earlier minion by allowing his other minions to cannibalize him – gross.

So ends this week’s episode. I cant believe she knew the Creature already! Does anyone else think she is the reason he died??

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