Game Of Thrones Goes “Home” To Mark The Return Of Two Faves On This Week’s Episode

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

After last week’s jaw dropping episode, this week’s episode of Game of Thrones takes a step back to mark the return of Bran Stark. As one of the few remaining Starks in the world, Bran hasn’t been seen since season 4 when he finally met the Three Eyed Raven.

After all this time, we finally get to see what Bran has been up to as far as his training and how he can help with all the craziness that is going on. Plus, things got a little crazy at Castle Black, and Tommen finally made his presence known in Kings Landing to the High Sparrow.

Let’s get down to business and discuss what went down on “Home” this week.

What You Need To Know: 

Bran Returns From Beyond The Wall: The episode starts off with Bran having a vision of the past where he say his father, uncle and aunt training as children. In the vision, he learns that Hordor used to be able to talk, and that he’s called Willis. The Three Eyed Raven interrupts his vision, which angers Bran as he knows that a war is coming.

A Switch In Power Hits The North: Ramsay falls farther from his father Roose’s grace as his guards fail to capture Sansa and Theon. He then suggests to his father that they go attack Castle Black as he figures Sansa and Theon are heading there to seek protection from her brother Jon. Roose shoots down that idea, fearing the strength of the remaining armies of the North that are not allies to them yet. The Boltons then receive the news that Roose is a father again to a new son. The baby news doesn’t go over so well with Ramsay and he shockingly kills his father and later feeds his newborn brother to the dogs.

Elsewhere in the North, Sansa learns from Brienne that Arya may still be alive while Theon decides to head back to the Iron Islands instead of heading to the Wall with Sansa. Speaking of Iron Islands, Balon Greyjoy meets his death at the hands of his brother and now Yara must fight for the throne.

Kings Landing Continues To Fall: Myrcella finally has her funeral but Cersei has been barred from attending by Tommen. It turns out that the young King is mad at his mother and himself. Jaime manages to get him to see reason and tells him to go see her just as the High Sparrow interrupts their moment. Jaime and the High Sparrow trades jabs, with the High Sparrow hinting at creating even more trouble for Kings Landing.

Mereen Lands A New Dragon Whisperer: Back in Mereen, Tyrion meets with Grey Worm, Missandei, and Varys about the state of things. Missandei mentions the status of the Dragons, which peaks Tyrion’s interest. He then decides to visit them and sent them free.

Arya Is Ready To Become No One In Braavos: Arya continues to struggle as the Waif continues to bully her as part of training. Not Jaqen finally makes his presence known to her and tries to trick her into admitting that she’s still Arya Stark. Not falling for his tricks, she finally earns herself a place back at the House of White And Black to continue her real training.

The Chosen One Returns At Castle Black: Davos and the other men are forced to fight when Alliser  and his allies, including Olly begin to break down the door. As they get ready to fight, Edd arrives with the Wildlings and the traitorous crows admit defeat and are locked up. Davos then goes to see Melisandre to ask her to bring back Jon Snow from the dead. At first, the Red Woman falters, having a crisis of the faith but then decides to give it go. She performs the ritual, but it apparently fails and everyone leaves the room afterwards. Shortly after the room is empty, Ghost wakes up and then his master also wakes up. That’s right: JON SNOW LIVES!!!


Quote of the Night:

“If I’d lost my cock, I’d drink all the time.” Tyrion

“I drink and I know things.” Tyrion

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “Oathbreaker” below!

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