Game Of Thrones Delivers The “Oathbreaker” This Week And More Surprises

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

After last week’s killer episode, no pun intended, it’s back to business as usual for Game of Thrones.

The main question for tonight’s episode though is who is next on the chopping block? After all, there’s been a major death in every episode so far this season. We’ve said goodbye to the Martells (for the most part), and finally got rid of one of the show’s biggest villains (adios, Roose Bolton, you won’t be missed).

Here’s hoping that it’s not a fan favorite that goes down in this episode, although we did get one back last episode (welcome back, Jon Snow).

The details surrounding this episode have been intentionally vague: “Daenerys meets her future. Bran meets the past. Tommen confronts the High Sparrow. Arya trains to be No One. Varys finds an answer. Ramsay gets a gift.”

All of those things seem rather ominous plus there’s not mention of Jon Snow anywhere.

Let’s discuss this week’s episode “Oathbreaker.”

What You Need To Know:

Castle Black: The Lord Commander Snow is back but doesn’t feel the same apparently. He struggles with being revived and doesn’t seem the point. He gets a rousing pep talk from Ser Davos about not giving up even though he’s failed once before. By the end of the episode, Snow’s killers are set to be hanged. He doesn’t take much pleasure in killing them as Thorne regrets nothing and Olly says nothing for his last words. He cuts the rope and hangs them, and then turns his cloak over to Edd. “You have Castle Black. My watch has ended.” And with that, Snow is out!

In Mereen: Varys meets with Vala, the woman who helped the Sons of the Harpy murder the Unsullied and the Second Sons. She gives him the information he wants after he offers her freedom. He learns that the masters of Astapor and Yunkai are funding the Sons of the Harpy with some help from Volantis. So Tyrion asks him to send a message, and Varys complies by sending out his little birds to deliver it. As for Daenerys, she arrives at Vaes Dothraki, only to be stripped of her clothes and to be told that her future has yet to be decided upon as she failed to come there after Khal Drogo died.

Kings Landing: Cersei returns to true to form and starts plotting her revenge. The queen regent tells Qyburn she wants little birds, who are child informants basically, everywhere — not just the city. “I want to know where they are,” she says.Later, she along with Jaime and her new guard, crash the small council meeting, which Olenna Tyrell is also attending. The council turns their noses up at Cersei and crew and leave as they don’t want anything to do with them and are more concerned with Margaery. As for the king, Tommen pays a visit to the High Sparrow, demanding that Cersei be allowed to see Myrcella’s grave. The High Sparrow refuses him though since the walk of shame was only part of Cersei’s punishment and she still needs to stand trial. He then appeals to the King’s gullible side and basically tells him that he needs someone like himself on the council as an advisor.

In The North: Ramsay is sought out by a lord needing his assistance with dealing with the Wildlings and the Wall. The man refuses to declare fealty to House Bolton but instead, the man offers a gift: Osha and Rickon, with the head of Shaggydog as proof that the boy is a Stark.  “Welcome home, Lord Stark,” Ramsay says. Say it with me now: POOR RICKON.

Back At Braavos: Arya progresses in her training but is taking a lot of hits playing the lying game with The Waif.  As the girls fight, Arya soon is able to best The Waif — even though she’s still blind — and J’qen sees all. He offers to give her sight back to her but she refuses. After that, he then offers her a drink from the water in the House of White and Black. She hesitates to drink at first, to which he says, “If a girl is truly no one, she has nothing to fear.” Arya then drinks and opens her eyes, with her vision being restored. J’wen then tests her again. “Who are you?” he asks. “No one,” she replies.

Beyond the Wall: Bran spends this episode peering into the past to witness Ned’s storming of the Tower of Joy. The Tower of Joy, in case you need a refresher is where Rhaegar Targaryen stashed Lyanna Stark and left her to perish after stealing her away from her betrothed, Robert Baratheon. At this point, Rhaegar is dead and Ned has come to rescue Lyanna with the help of Howland Reed. After a rough battle with the guards, where the only way they won is when Reed stabbed the remaining guard in throat before Ned finished him off.  Ned then hears a woman’s cry in the tower and rushes off to her. Bran ends up trying to follow him and cries out to him. It appears that flashback Ned hears him, at which point the Raven ends the visit, which angers Bran (and we the viewers as well). 

Quote of the night:

“A wise man once said the history of the world is a history of great conversations.” Tyrion
“Who said this?” Missandei
“Me. Just now.” Tyrion
Check out the promo for next week’s episode “Book of the Stranger” below!

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