Game Of Thrones Brings Us The “Book Of The Stranger” On This Week’s Episode

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones deliver quite the shocks with the return of Rickon Stark and with Jon Snow quitting the Watch.

Plus Bran got one heck of a vision featuring his father and late aunt Lyanna. Will we be getting more answers about the past soon?

This week brought us some answers but mainly some deals being struck. Tyrion made his move in Mereen, Lord Baelish gave the Veil a needed push into the war, and Daenerys came up with a plan to escape Vaes Dothraki.  Plus, a much needed reunion occurred.

Let’s discuss “Book of the Stranger”!

What You Need To Know:

Reunion in The North: After coming back to life, Jon Snow has decided that it’s time for him to leave. Just as he’s gathering his things to head out (don’t forget Ghost, Jon), there’s a knock at the Wall’s door. When it is opened, Sansa, flanked by Podric and Brienne, come into Castle Black, finally arriving. Sansa looks around for her brother and finds in him the crowd. The two siblings stare at one another before running to each other’s arms to hug. Don’t mind us over here, we’re not crying. YOU ARE.

After embracing and catching up, Jon tells Sansa that’s he’s leaving and she’s going with him because Ned Stark’s ghost will haunt him if he doesn’t take her. Sansa is delighted and tells him that they should go back home. Jon is not hearing that though because he’s tired of fighting. Sansa, however, is not and is dead set on reclaiming their home. Later on, Jon gets the motivation he needs to fight though in the form of a letter from Ramsay Bolton, stating that he has Rickon and is set on taking down Castle Black.

Speaking of Ramsay, he entertains Osha in his chambers, wanting some information from her. She does her best to please but ultimately meets her end as he actually no use for her since he now has Rickon.

As for Ser Davos and Melisandre, he grills her about what she will do now. She tells him that she now serves Jon. Davos is confused about her turnabout and then grills her about Stannis and Shireen. Melisandre doesn’t answer him but Brienne does, only to tell Davos that she executed Stannis for his crimes.

Mereen Makes A Deal And Daenerys Conquers Vaes Dothraki: Back in Mereen, Tyrion meets with the Slave Masters and offers them a deal: they have seven years to end slavery or else. They accept the deal, much to Tyrion’s delight. Grey Worm and Missandei aren’t pleased as they think the Slave Masters will betray them.

As for Daenerys, Daario and Jorah finally make their move to rescue her but only she has another plan. She has found an ally in one of the former Khaleesis and will have her meeting with the Khals. In said meeting, she basically tells them they don’t get to decide her fate. The men don’t really like that answer and threaten her with rape instead. She tells them she’s not worried about them not serving her as they’re going to die. They scoff but she then sets the building on fire and takes down all the Dothraki leaders. Daenerys then walks out of the burning building unscathed and unburned. The entire Dothraki populace is in shock as she stands before them naked in all her glory. One by one, they all bow down in respect, including Daario and Jorah. Moral of this story: All men must die but Daenerys is not a man and she doesn’t need a man to rescue her.

Kings Landing Merges For A Cause: The High Sparrow continues to make everyone miserable, especially Margaery and Loras. Margaery finally gets to see him and tells her brother not to give up hope yet. She’s right though as Olenna and Cersei have decided to set aside their differences so that Margaery can be saved before she’s humiliated. House Tyrell is going to bring in their army to take on the High Sparrow!

The Iron Islands Makes Its Return And So Does The Vale: Rounding things up this week was Theon’s return to the Iron Islands. Yara is not happy to see her brother at all given his behavior when she tried to save him from Ramsay. He apologizes to her and tells her that he wants to help her get the throne.

Speaking of returns, Lord Baelish has finally made his appearance this season. He returns to the Vale to give Robyn a gift and to nudge the Vale into battle. He mentions to Robyn that his cousin Sansa is in trouble. The little Prince agrees to help and with that, the Vale has entered the fray for the Iron Throne and the War of the North.

Quote of the Night:

“If I win, I’m the shit who killed an old man. If I lose, I’m the shit who got killed by an old man.” Daario

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “The Door” below!




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