Flash Actor Talks The Justice Society of America Connection

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Before we get into the article, there will be SPOILERS for the season two finale of The Flash.

You have been warned.

Last night, we got another connection revealed to the Justice Society of America.

The REAL Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) was revealed last night as the Man in the Iron Mask. This served as a heartbreaking revelation that Jay was the doppleganger to Barry’s recently murdered father, Henry Allen. There were tears from both me, Barry, and the audience.

It was also a really nice tribute to John Wesley Shipp, who played the first live action version of the Flash in the 90s TV show. It was really nice to see the actor suit up again and use super speed.

In a post-show interview with Variety, Shipp talked a little more about the JSA connection and about Henry’s death.

Shipp understood the necessity of it.

He said: “The thing they love to do at the end of the season is they introduce so many different elements that could go in so many different directions. For me, personally, as an actor, Henry Allen was rather closed-ended, he was there for a purpose, he served his purpose, it was time for him to die.”

I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment, but I do understand where he’s coming from. It did seem like once Henry was free from prison, the writers didn’t know what to do with him.

Shipp, however, was much more excited about the JSA connection that he has the DC TV Universe. In the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Rex Tyler/Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) made his appearance in the final moments.


Shipp said: “The fact that I’m now getting to morph into an entirely different character that is so important to the Justice Society of America, which also bleeds into Legends of Tomorrow, he’s such an important character to this whole world – it just opens up enormous possibilities for me as an actor going forward, and the challenge for me, having played Henry,  is that I now get to create an entirely different character going forward. And how that affects Barry – because Barry’s going to want to lean on this guy who looks just like his father but is not his father – that can create a whole bunch of psychological conflict too. I’m as excited as you are to see how all of this will play out.”

It would be interesting to see how Jay Garrick became Jay Garrick when he was Henry Allen. It also makes me wonder that in, say, Supergirl’s universe if there are familiar faces running around with different names. Barry didn’t find his friends under their names, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist there.


Now I’m very interested to see where this could go.

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