Feelings Are Confronted “At Last” On Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey’s, Callie lost custody of Sofia to Arizona. Jackson and April started spending more time together outside of baby appointments. For some reason, Amelia decided she wanted to be with Owen. 

When Meredith gets to work she see’s Owen in the parking lot with the trailer, having just sold it. Owen doesn’t really think about talking to Meredith about it until he sees her but she plays it off like she’s okay even though she is definitely not okay. So not okay that she spends the entire episode crapping on other people’s happiness. Meredith ends up telling Amelia off for stealing other people’s lives (like what?) and to get her own. When Meredith goes off on another “Happy endings don’t exist” rant with Alex, he drops a couple of truth bombs because someone needed to.
At the end of the episode, Meredith is standing in the parking lot just staring at the spot Derek’s trailer was in that morning when Riggs comes out. Riggs tells her that he hopes she feels better and they have a conversation/argument about their stuff and end up kissing. It also looked like they were about two seconds away from having sex up against Meredith’s car in the hospital parking lot.
Callie, Arizona, and Penny
Callie is reviewing a scan when Penny walks in to tell her that she called the landlord about swapping their lease and tells her it could save money to fly to Seattle to see Callie and Sofia. I missed the part where Callie losing custody meant that she won’t go to New York with Penny. Callie isn’t really listening and doesn’t say much and Penny tells her she doesn’t want to leave while they’re like this. Penny tells Callie that she’s just trying to help and Callie tells her “You’ve helped enough,” which definitely indicates that she blames Penny for losing Sofia. Callie asks Arizona to switch nights with Sofia and Arizona agrees with a super fake smile.
Penny tries talking to Callie again and suggests that she postpone leaving until she and Callie are better. Callie asks her what the point is because they already know how it’s gonna end. Callie tells her that things will get better and then Penny will leave and it’ll go back to being the same and blah blah blah. The bottom line is that she’s not leaving Sofia (but was all fine with Arizona not seeing Sofia at all) and Penny wouldn’t forgive her if she gave up her grant. Callie doesn’t look at her the entire time they’re talking and when Penny asks why and if they’re breaking up, Callie tells her that they should just call it now so it doesn’t get dragged out. Penny just walks away and I’m honestly surprised she didn’t demand Callie look at her because she’s owed that much.
Arizona is in the NICU checking a patient when Callie comes in to talk to her about having Sofia that night. Callie’s thinking was that since Arizona already moved stuff around once,then  she’d be willing to do it again. Arizona tells her she already moved things around for her and points out that the rules Callie’s asking her to bend only exist because of what Callie did. Callie apologies and starts to walk away when Arizona tells her that she chose this and ruined everything. She also adds that she doesn’t have anything else to give her.
Near the end of the episode, Penny is crying in the Resident’s locker room. Meredith walks in and asks her what’s wrong. Penny explains that she and Callie broke up. Penny mentions that she came to GSM for Callie, stayed for her, and thought they’d be together but they just don’t work anymore (or something). Meredith sits down and tells her she’s sorry. Penny hugs her. Meredith tells her that she’ll be fine and to go kick some fellowship ass. Penny thanks Meredith for teaching her.
Alex and Jo
Alex has a patient whose grandmother tries to give Alex her daughter’s number. This gets him thinking about marriage and Jo again. At the end of the episode, when Alex comes home, he tells Jo that he’s ready to get married. He wants to know when she’ll be ready and asks her to marry him again. Jo tells him that she can’t and he tells her he doesn’t need it to be a big thing, he just needs her. Jo apologizes and tells him no. I don’t know if this is just a “Jo needs her freedom and independence” thing or a “Jo has something else going on that she hasn’t told Alex about” thing.
Stephanie and Kyle
Stephanie broke up with Kyle a few episodes ago but that hasn’t stopped her from hovering around his room and asking Jo and Amelia for updates. Kyle tells her to go away repeatedly, as does his sister. Stephanie hunts Jo down for an update and when she gets it and finds out Amelia is planning on performing a risky procedure, Stephanie goes to talk to Amelia. Stephanie ends up annoying Amelia because she keeps questioning her and Amelia reminds Stephanie that Kyle and his family don’t want her around, that she’s off the case, and that Amelia doesn’t answer to Stephanie.
Stephanie decides to go to Kyle’s room and apologize for hurting him and that Amelia’s got this. He’ll pull through. He asks Stephanie to go away with him when he’s out of the hospital and she agrees. They kiss and Jo interrupts them to take Kyle up to surgery. In the OR, something goes wrong and Amelia actually sends Jo up to the gallery so Stephanie doesn’t have to watch Kyle die. Jo runs to the gallery but is too late, she arrives in time for her and Stephanie to hear Amelia call time of death.
Stephanie waits outside of Kyle’s room while Amelia informs his family that he didn’t make it. She starts to walk away. Amelia catches up to her and tells her they did everything they could. He was too far gone, so there was nothing they could do. Stephanie just walks away.
Owen and Amelia
I like it better when I can skip the Owen parts but I can’t this week. Owen sold the trailer and bought a house, causing Maggie to start asking if they’re moving in together. This launches Owen and Amelia into a conversation about marriage and children. Owen and Amelia have an on-call room discussion of weddings and how many children they want and at the end of the episode, Amelia proposes. The season finale is Owen and Amelia’s wedding, which should be super fun.