Chris Evans And Robert Downey Jr Team Up To Make A Fan’s Wish Come True

Chris Evans And Robert Downey Jr Team Up To Make A Fan's Wish Come True

It has to be said that the superheroes of this world are not solely limited to the big screen and can often be found right here among us. After all, you don’t need superpowers to be considered a hero, and this was recently proven by both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Evans and Downey Jr. are both known for their portrayals of big screen heroes Captain America and Iron Man respectively in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Captain America and Iron Man are known for putting everything on the line to save the world and to help those in need. The very same thing can be said of their portrayers as well.

The actors, along with Gwyneth Paltrow, took time out of their busy schedules to make special Avengers fan’s dream come true. Ryan Wilcox, an 18-year-old who has been diagnosed with leukemia for the second time, posted his story and desire to meet the stars on social media using the hashtag “#ryanstrong.

Wilcox caught Paltrow’s attention, and the actress made it her mission to see his dream come true, which was realized this past week.

Evans, Downey Jr, and Paltrow all traveled to San Diego to meet Wilcox in person. The actress shared their meeting and journey on her Instagram as well, starting with a very sweet picture of Evans and Downey Jr getting ready to take off.

Paltrow also shared a picture of the actors and Wilcox meeting up, all three with really big smiles on their faces.

As it turns out, Evans had reached out to Wilcox prior to meeting him in San Diego with a  very sweet video, praising Wilcox for being a fan of Captain America and for choosing Team Cap as his side for Civil War, which you can see below.

No matter which side you were on for Captain America: Civil War, it is safe to say that after this incredible meeting, the whole world is team MCU for making this Avengers fan’s wish come true.

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