C.J. Cregg Returns To The White House Podium

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

In an amazing few minutes last week, Allison Janney made an appearance at the White House. Janney also brought along her old friend C.J. Cregg to brief the White House Press Corps on what the President was up to. Janney was spot on and was so reminiscent of our favorite Press Secretary from The West Wing. The short stint was an amazing #FlashbackFriday to one of the greatest characters from one of the greatest shows to ever grace our television screens.

For most of the 154 episodes spanning seven seasons, Janney took the podium as C.J. Cregg to speak on behalf of President Jed Bartlet. His health, his policies, his beliefs… This past Friday, Janney took to that podium to speak on behalf of herself. She visited the White House and the Press Briefing Room to bring attention to the severe opioid epidemic that is running rampant throughout the United States.

Despite the amazing message Janney was there to deliver, she strolled up to the podium and shocked everyone in the room. Without missing a beat, she started the briefing as Cregg and threw in more than one reference that made West Wing fans like myself laugh out loud. The entire video and interview is posted on the White House’s official Twitter, and on many other sources. Check out the video below, from the Associated Press.

That’s right, everyone! C.J. was back for a few moments and as awesome as we remember. First of all, how perfect that the current Press Secretary’s name is Josh? I could listen to Josh Lyman jokes all day. She also mentioned the fan favorite root canal episode (it makes sense if you’re a fan). And lastly, “The Jackal”. P.S., Allison – I am interested, I remember, I care about “The Jackal”. insert crying laughing emoji here

Perhaps the best line comes at the very end of the video when a member of the press asks “C.J.” who President Bartlet is supporting in the Democratic primaries. In C.J.’s perfect deadpan way, she responds, “I think you know the answer to that question.”

So good, and so funny. What a wonderful pick-me-up for any of those who were struggling through our Fridays!

Just One More Thing…

I love this video and everything about Allison Janney. I want to take a moment to focus also on just how important her visit and statement was. Currently Janney plays a recovering addict on CBS’ Mom, and she was there, along with creator Chuck Lorre, to speak out on addiction and the uphill battle that goes along with it. Her address was timely, as ten new Champions of Change for Advancing Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery were named at the White House that day. Janney encouraged not only those journalists, but everyone who watched that video to take a second to try to understand the nature of addiction. She also stressed the importance of support for addicts through prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. Well said, Ms. Janney.

Click here to learn more about this year’s Champions for Change.

Abby Bertrand