Things Get Bad When “Myriad” Is Activated On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hey Supergirl fans.

After the frankly adorable team-up between the Girl of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster, we closed on a robotic army National City. Myriad had been activated, and it definitely made things super creepy.

So let’s not talk. We need to get recapping.

All The Bad Things: The DEO is already under Non’s control. He tells them to release everyone but the White Martian from the cells. Amongst those released is Maxima (Eve Torres), she beats up the DEO guards. Until Lucy informs her about Myriad, she says that Non will allow her to become a queen of this world. Maxima agrees except Supergirl is there and ready to kick her ass. She defeats Maxima, stops the other prisoners for being released, and takes cover when the Kryptonite bullets start to fly. Once she knocks out people, she puts the DEO underlock down and heads to the Fortress of Solitude. Where is Clark? He’s off planet handling a matter. Dude you have the worst timing. The robot in the Fortress is reluctant to share Myriad’s secrets, but Kara drops a logic bomb that has it changing its mind.

Myriad: So what is Myriad? The Alura AI reveals that it was created by Astra. Dissatisfied with how the Krypton High Council was handling the planet’s destruction, she made a mind control device to bring everyone over to her way of thinking. It was what got her and Non sent to Fort Rozz. Now it’s being used on Earth. Myriad was locked down because no one should have that kind of power. Well duh. Kara returns to National City to find Catco being used to do some Kryptonian programming. Everyone is a drone except Cat Grant. Why? Cat’s just awesome. Kara is relieved to have someone on her side. She gets a text from Clark saying he’s returning from space to help. When he enters National City, however, he’s affected by Myriad to Kara and Cat’s shock. Then Maxwell Lord shows up, also unaffected. How is he unaffected? He made a device to block the signal from getting to his brain, and he gave Cat earrings that do the same thing. He didn’t give it to the DEO because after Alex left so did the only person he trusted. So Kara has allies, kind of. Lord is pretty sure about killing all the Kryptonians. Non and Indigo go over their plans. Indigo is also pro-killing except it’s Kara she wants dead. Non, however, doesn’t seem to want to kill Kara. At the DEO, Kara is against killing all the Kryptonians but Max is pretty adamant about this being the only option. Superman is under their control now (nature v nurture or environmental factors pick your poison). They are the only three in control of their faculties. He tells her that they need to contain this now before things get worse. It gets worse when Non visits Catco. He tries to sway Kara over to his way of thinking, and Kara tries to do the same. Non has three employees jump off the building: Winn, James, and some random chick we just met. Guess who died? This loss spurns Kara to work with Lord. His idea? Bomb over National City killing all the Kryptonians. Sure it will be irradiated so Kara and Clark can never return and 300,000 people will die, but at least Myriad will be destroyed. Kara, reluctantly, agrees to it despite Cat’s objections. Lord gets the permission of President Lynda Carter and General Sam Lane to go through his plan. Meanwhile, Indigo tells Non that he could become Lord of the Universe instead of Earth with this technology. At Catco, Kara and Cat have a heart to heart. Cat tells her to let hope rule her heart instead of fear. This gives Kara an idea. Kara and Cat got to Lord where he has put together the bomb. They tell him that it is time for hope instead of fear. Reluctantly, he agrees. They go to Cat’s first TV station to broadcast a signal to help break the signal that Indigo cannot track.

With Alex And J’onn: There’s a blockade set up, but it’s not to keep people out of National City. The police are looking for Alex and J’onn: who are disguised as a mother and son. They go the Danvers home where Eliza is brought up to speed (mostly) and informs them about National City. She also adorably dorks out over J’onn and asks a ton of questions. Alex gets in contact with Kara, who tells her to stay away. J’onn decides to go to National City to lend assistance. Alex invites herself along saying that J’onn can protect her mind. They head to National City where they are met by Indigo. Indigo and J’onn fight it out with Indigo stabbing J’onn in the stomach. (PLEASE BE OKAY OR WE RIOT!) Indigo takes Alex with her.

NO WHY?!: Indigo brings Alex to Non. Indigo informs him that Alex killed Astra and that Kara considers her her sister. Alex tells Non that Astra came to her during the Black Mercy and seemed to have lost her taste for these plans. Non doesn’t believe her. Instead, he takes control of Alex with Myriad and sends her out in a Kryptonite suit to battle Kara. Either she kills her sister or her sister kills her. The two jump at each other and…

CLIFFHANGER! Ugh! Can next week come now?!

Bec Heim