They Definitely Don’t In “Will They Or Won’t They?” On The Mindy Project’s Return

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

New episodes of The Mindy Project returned to Hulu yesterday after a few months off.  If you recall, the midseason finale left Mindy at a crossroads.

Feeling more every day that she was losing herself to the demands of motherhood and her super cranky and unsupportive fiancée, Danny, Mindy was faced with the decision to put her own apartment on the market. It seemed that Mindy was at a breaking point when she visited the apartment she considers “home”. Just maybe she was considering moving back and bringing Leo with.


What now?


At first glance it seemed that, much to my dismay, Mindy had stayed with Danny. Don’t judge an episode by its first few minutes! After trying to stay together for Leo and some failed/blown off couples counseling, Mindy and Danny have finally parted ways. There were some tough times, like when they had to have the “you did nothing wrong” divorce conversation with both Leo and Morgan, and when Mindy had to sell all her designer clothes to make her giant closet into a nursery for Leo. Otherwise, Mindy’s fertility practice is thriving – her Wall ‘O Fame is filling up quickly! – and she has Peter and Morgan at her side to help her transition into single motherhood. Danny, however, has left Shulman & Associates and is very obviously not thrilled by Mindy’s decision to break off their engagement and their relationship.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Several Months Later…

Danny has been absent from the office and the crew walk on eggshells around Mindy, who bursts out in tears whenever Danny is mentioned. Apparently being the one to break things off does not disqualify Mindy from acting like the ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’ every now and then.

Time heals some of the wound, though, and Mindy and Danny are mostly getting along at the moment. Dr. Jody expresses his concerns to Mindy about the amount of time she and Danny are spending together. Mindy insists it is simply because they have Leo to co-parent. “We’re modernly un-coupling,” she says. “Like Coldyplay and Goop.”

Later, Baby!

Mindy and Dr. Jody have planned a Later, Baby! Spring Break Event for a handful of college women who are interested in freezing their eggs. It doesn’t look like Mindy is quite as fun as she once was, though, having planned a “female statue tour of New York City,” and a visit to the poverty museum. Also, no alcohol.

We’ll see how long that lasts with Jeremy and Tamra around…

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Someone’s In Trouble

After missing the first outing with her spring break group – the chance to see Hamilton – Jody has some words for Mindy. Why? Oh yeah, because she skipped the show to sleep with Danny and eat lasagna. Thanks to her flakiness, Tamra was alone with several drunk girls who made a disaster of Manhattan by going around freeing dogs from their leashes. Seth Meyers makes a cameo as himself on Late Night pleading for his unleashed dog to return home.

Mindy’s attempt to reign in the girls with some tough love backfires when Dr. Jody suggests a lock-in at the practice. Even though she claims to be great at sleepovers, Jody bans her from the lock-in. Unfortunately, bad goes to worse when Mindy tries to get the girls to leave with her and they all want to stay with Jody.

Come on, Mindy!

Mindy is feeling down on herself, especially since Jody banned her from the lock-in. Naturally, when she receives a text from Danny asking her to come over, she goes. After, when Mindy is in the bathroom, she notices a tube of lipstick that doesn’t belong to her. When she confronts Danny, he admits to sleeping with other people. An argument ensues, in which Danny confesses he has needs and he never thought he’d be single again. Mindy states that the thought of being with anyone else ever again makes her sick.

It is clear these two miss each other, but there may be no going back. They come to an awkward and uncomfortable understanding and Mindy leaves. “I’m taking this [lipstick] with me, okay?” She says before she goes. “’Cause it’s nicer than the brand I use.” And there’s the Mindy we all know and love.

It’s a Good Old Fashioned Lock-In

One of the girls is missing, and Morgan is pretty pissed he’s been banned from helping with the program since he is a convicted felon. Jody finds the girl, Chloe, in his office. It turns out it’s one of the many college girls he slept with while on his ‘co-ed bender.’ She refuses to take no for an answer and basically mauls him. Which is exactly when Morgan walks in with Seth Meyers’ dog, Frisbee, and Chloe flees.

Mindy tracks down Chloe at the sixth club L’il Wayne woke up from his coma where the two find some common ground. At the end of the week, it turns out the girls had a fantastic time, mostly thanks to Jeremy. Jody comments that they were lucky to spend the week with a great role model. Mindy makes a quip about Jeremy, to which Jody replies, “No, Mindy. You’re the role model.”

Happily Never After

Viewing herself as a newfound role model, Mindy visits Danny to inform him they should no longer sleep together. Or see each other, other than when totally necessary. While things aren’t “that bad,” they surely aren’t good, and it looks like the uncertainty and stress has taken its toll on Mindy. Hopefully this will lead Mindy to a time to focus on herself, Leo, and her career.


Mindy’s return was pretty satisfying, and I am super glad that she and Danny finally broke up. Also, no judgment, but the sleeping with Danny bit was grating on my nerves because he was still so rude to her. Special shout-out to Seth Meyers whose cameo was hilarious, and to Ike Barinholtz as Morgan for giving one of the most tragic late night talk show appearances I’ve seen in a while.

Abby Bertrand