Supergirl Reaches Out To Our “Better Angels” In The Season Finale

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello Supergirl fans!

Last week, we were left on a major cliffhanger. National City was under Non and Indigo’s control thanks to Myriad. Lord, Cat, and Kara have teamed up in an unlikely alliance. Superman’s under Non’s control. Indigo STABBED J’ONN.

We left our hero about to fight her sister after Non took control of Alex with Myriad.

Everything hurts right now you guys. I am not ready for this yet.

So let’s brave this together, shall we?

Sisters and Mothers: Alex and Kara just go right at it. Kara trying not to hurt her sister and to reach out to her. Alex, under Non’s control, assures her it’s not happening at all. It looks like the sisters are destined to battle for the rest of the episode until J’onn shows up with Eliza in tow. Eliza reaches out to her oldest daughter, telling her how proud she and her father are (would be) of her. How much they love her, and it brings Alex back to herself.

Hope: With Alex back to herself, the group rejoins Lord and Cat in the studio. Cat says that her plan of hope is backed up with science. Apparently Myriad separates parts of the brain that feel good emotions, and they need to be reminded of the good things to bring the people back. Kara gives a rousing and emotional speech to the people. Was I crying? Yes. Yes, I was. She is able to reach the people, and National City breaks Myriad’s control. Non’s not pleased and Indigo convinces him to just wipe out the humans and go somewhere else to start again.

Return to Normal: Kara returns to work the next day, and it all seems back to normal. Winn and James are happy to see her. They also want to apologize for what happened, and she tells them that it’s not needed. She knew it wasn’t them, and was glad to save them. Well all except poor Kelly, who is still dead, and we do get a long look at her desk. Cat is back in fine form because she’s awesome. At the DEO, Lucy is cleaning up. General Lane comes to see his daughter, and to arrest J’onn. Superman is still passed out for some reason. Lucy chews out her dad for doing that and tells him that this is why he pushed Lois away. She goes to visit J’onn and apologizes to him. J’onn understands though. Meanwhile, Alex is cleaning up. Kara and Eliza join her. Eliza wants to know why J’onn and Alex visited, and Alex tells her about Jeremiah. She promises her mother that they will bring him home. Lord enters and tells them that if they don’t die then that would be a nice sentiment.

Brain Boom: Lord tells them that Myriad’s signal is amplifying. Instead of mind control, however, it’s aimed for every human’s brain exploding. Why? Non’s a sore loser. I seriously want Astra to rise just through sheer spite and kick his ass. Kara has to fight this one alone though. So she says her goodbyes. She thanks Winn for his friendship. She thanks Cat for her guidance. She ends things with James before they even begin. She even goes to see J’onn to thank him for being the best Martian daddy ever. J’onn tells her that she doesn’t have to do this alone. But she kind of has to since J’onn is under arrest and Superman is passed out on the bed behind her. (Seriously Warner Brothers let them use him next year, this was just getting ridiculous.) Kara prepares to go into the breech alone to face Non and Indigo. Or well, she prepares to go to Nevada where Fort Rozz is. Yeah they just kind of left it there with no one watching it (great idea). J’onn begs Lane to let him go help her out as does Lucy. Lane’s stupidly sticking to his guns until he isn’t allowing J’onn to go with Kara. Eventually, Lucy overrules him and the two go together. The pair need to get the Omegahedron a device capable of powering a city on Krypton.

Final Fight: J’onn in Martian form and Kara land where Non and Indigo meet them. The resulting fight is in a word brutal. Kara tries one last time to reach Non, but he is not having it. The intense fight is made even worse by the time limit (six minutes) and the fact that the Omegahedron is not power Myriad. It’s Fort Rozz itself charging the device. J’onn and Kara eventually defeat/kill Indigo and Non, but they cannot shut down Myriad. Kara calls Alex and tells her that she is going to fly it into space at the cost of her own life. She tells Alex to live her own life on her own terms with her own power. She also asks Alex to tell Jeremiah about her good life on Earth with her and Eliza. Kara then goes to fly Fort Rozz into space where it floats away, saving the Earth. We get some frankly stunning space shots of Kara just floating in space. And then…

Aftermath: She wakes up! Alex took Kara’s pod and fly into space to save her sister. Why? Alex Danvers is a professional badass that’s why. Kara is just relieved to be alive and it’s all over, the world is saved. The DEO applauds for her. General Lane extends congratulations on the President’s behalf and tells J’onn he’s been pardoned and reinstated as head of the DEO. J’onn asks Lucy to stay on. As he talks about not keeping secrets, we see Lane hand the Omegahedron to Lord. That’s not good. Clark, miraculously recovered, messages Kara and lets her know how proud he is of her. Also Cat promotes Kara in the most Cat way possible by letting her think she was fired first. She tell Kara to take the same and figure out her next move, but it’s time for her to move up. At Kara’s apartment, everyone is celebrating and feeling hopeful. James pulls Kara aside and hands her a picture of “Supergirl” (Kara in her everyday life). The couple share a kiss and rejoin the others so Kara can do her “champage trick”. The group celebrates when they see something streak across the sky. J’onn and Kara run-off to find what it is.

WHAT?! It’s a Kryptonian pod. Kara and J’onn are shocked. She rushes over to open it, and is even more shocked by what she finds in there. WHO?! We’ll find out in season two apparently.

CBS! You better #RenewSupergirl now!

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