Sara, Kendra And Ray Are “Left Behind” In 1958 In This Week’s Legends Of Tomorrow

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

What would you do if your team mates left you in the late 1950s after a mission gone wrong – for two years? That’s what episode #1.09 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow deals with. “Left Behind” has Kendra, Sara and Ray fending for themselves, the team visits Nanda Parbat and we finally learn more about Chronos and his motivation.

Harmony Falls, 1958
The episode starts right where we left off. Kendra, Sara and Ray are making their way to the Wave Rider, just as the ship gets attacked by Chronos. In order to save themselves, Rip and the crew on the ship take off. In a surprising twist Chronos takes Leonard Snart with him before leaving the Wave Rider.

Meanwhile Ray continues to believe that their team is coming back for them, while Sara realizes that the situation might not be as easily diffused as that. Ten hours, ten days, even ten weeks later the team has yet to show up, and Sara, Kendra and Ray have no other choice than to continue to live their lives. Ray is using his intelligence and technical knowledge to somehow get them out of their tricky situation, unsuccessfully so. 10 weeks after being left behind, Sara takes off.

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Two years later we see that Ray and Kendra have made a life for themselves, with Ray functioning as university professor Clarke Kent – those glasses are uncanny – and Kendra working as a librarian. They have also continued their romantic relationship, and as they are about to celebrate their two year anniversary, the Wave Rider appears. Reunited with their team Ray has a hard time leaving the life that they created over the past two years behind.

The next time we see Snart he finds himself chained in Chronos’ space ship. In a shocking twist that many of us have seen coming for sure, Chronos turns out to be Mick Rory, who the team considered dead. He has been working for the time masters in pursuit of Rip Hunter and the rest of the team. But, as Mick puts it, “they barely had to ask”. Mick leaves as he learns that the Wave Rider is on its way to Nanda Parbat.

Nanda Parbat, 1960
After leaving Kendra and Ray Sara has made her way to the only place she has been able to call home. Back with the League of Assassins we quickly realize that literally nothing changes in the coming 60 years. Sara does not only become Ra’s favorite play toy it seems, she also becomes a mentor to his daughter Talia.

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The team quickly realizes that Sara must have returned to a former aspect of her life, and they are hell-bent on bringing her back to the Wave Rider. Rip finds her in one of the League’s plush and cozy bedrooms and we wonder if it is the same one that Oliver and Felicity enjoy some time together 55 years later. Unfortunately Sara is not as happy to see the self-proclaimed leader of the Legends and the team gets caught.

Sara refuses to return with them, as she has found peace with the League. She has fully taken over her new identity and sets the team up to be executed due to trespassing, just the way Ra’s al Ghul taught her. Even while they are stuck in the Nanda Ray-can’t-believe-he-is-back-here Parbat, he and Kendra have a discussion about their relationship: Ray may have adapted to the situation in Harmony Falls, but Kendra always believed that they were made for something bigger and better.

With the heroes set up for certain death Rip decides to use the League’s traditions against them: he challenges Ra’s al Ghul to a trial by combat. We’re having horrible Arrow flashbacks in which that didn’t turn out so well for our protagonist. However, Ra’s choses Sara to fight his battle for him, while Rip declares Kendra his fighting force.

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An epic battle ensues in which the ladies once again prove that they can fight as hard and are just as enduring as any man. Sara, who we can’t help but love to see in League armor, clearly dominates the battle and is about to kill Kendra, but she reminds the assassin of her new life as the White Canary.

The battle is interrupted as Chronos, aka Mick, shows up in Nanda Parbat and the whole team comes together to fight the foe. Leonard joins him just in time to prevent them from killing his former friend and brother. In order to escape captivity Snart iced and broke off his hand, and it just makes us love him more. A beaten Chronos is revealed to be Mick and the team captures him.

After the battle Sara and Rip face Ra’s al Ghul, and he explains that he knew Sara must have been from the future as she had completed the League’s training already. He releases her from her duties, but before the team leaves she asks him to make sure that Nyssa will find her in the North China Sea in 2008. We still hope that at some point we will learn more about their first meeting and Sara’s time with the League.

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Back at the Wave Rider, the team decides to give Mick a chance to reform himself in the future, as Gideon helps to recreate Leonard’s hands. Technology on the space ship is remarkable. After everything they have been through in the last two years, Ray and Kendra decide to stay together and see where the road will lead them. At least until the next version of Hawkman is coming along, we assume.

The episode ends with a reminder that the team is still trying to catch the most boring villain in the history of villains, and they take off for the year 2147.

Favorite Lines

“Sara, you’re not a murderer or an assassin. You’re the White Canary.” – Kendra

“In October 2008 please see that your daughter is off the coast of an island in the North China Sea, Lian Yu … Not Talia, your daughter yet to be born. I’m pretty sure you’ll call her Nyssa.” – Sara

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