No One Is Wrong: Kevin Feige Talks Making Sure Civil War Is A Balanced Film

Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios via Entertainment Weekly

The Marvel fandom is currently preparing for the release of Captain America: Civil War, which will pit Team Captain America against Team Iron Man, breaking hearts everywhere and ending friendships not only on the big screen but off screen as well (we tend to be passionate when it comes to defending our favourites).

Although this movie is bringing together most of the current lineup of the MCU (minus Thor, Hulk, and the Guardians of the Galaxy), this is first and foremost a Captain America movie, meaning that everyone else is stepping into his territory – and, in a way, making Tony Stark the main intruder. So, does this make Tony the villain of the story? (The sound you hear is my heart shouting “hell no!”)

According to Kevin Feige, he is… but in the comic series written by Mark Millar and the one the movie is (loosely) based on.

“Arguably in the comics, somebody is more right than the other. In the years after the Civil War comic, Stark was a bit of a villain. He had been labeled the villain. He had been doing it for the right reasons, and he’s a futurist”, Feige shared.

After the events in Civil War, Iron Man became the director of SHIELD and set up his own team of Avengers. In a more personal, emotional level, Cap’s murder leaves Tony with a great amount of guilt and even tearfully states that “it wasn’t worth it”.

It’s not that I am trying to justify his actions because he is my favourite and my one and all but… Tony Stark hasn’t had an easy life and he is in a constant struggle with his inner demons (as we all are) so just take a moment to consider how he must have felt after fighting against Captain America and then finding out he is dead because he surrendered for the sake of everyone. Not easy, guys, not easy.

Fangirl side aside and back to the movie, Feige also shared screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, as well as directors Anthony and Joe Russo, did their magic to bring balance to the superhero battle.

“Certainly if you did a poll from the comics, 90% of people would side with Cap. And we didn’t want that. We wanted it to be… we wanted people to be torn. We wanted people to walk out of the theatre and the argument to be in the parking lot ‘no, I think Cap was right’ – ‘No, I think Iron Man was right’ “, Feige said.

He added: “We found that balance. I think in the last screening we did it was almost exactly 50/50. ‘How many of this side agree with Cap?’ Half the audience. ‘How many agree with Tony?’ Half the audience”.

Christopher Markus even found it hard to side with his main character, proving that the balance turn out to be successful.

“If it wasn’t nearly 50/50 in terms of arguability, there’d be no point in doing it. In some ways, I feel the comic tipped too far – because Tony just kind of lost his mind in the comic, built that space prison and all this stuff. God knows, I love Captain America. We love rebels on film, but I don’t really want superpowered people just doing whatever the hell they feel like, you know? I’m all for regulation in real life. So it’s an interesting sort of dilemma”, Markus explained.

Just like in real life, not everything is black or white, so keep this in mind: Captain America is not 100% good, and Iron Man is not 100% bad. Simple. Superheroes can cause a lot of damage while trying to do what’s best.

“They saved a lot of people in
Avengers: Age of Ultron, but they also dropped a city. I mean, they didn’t do it, but they were part and parcel of it. Think they got every last farmer wandering around? No. There are dead people”, Markus said.

I take it you have all chosen your sides already, but have you considered the super secret group “Team Neutral”? We have cookies.

My heart belongs to Tony and I will protect him forever but hey, if I can be neutral, I will!

Captain America: Civil War will be out on May 6th.