Mr. Solomon Returns To Attend The #RedWedding On This Week’s The Blacklist

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

The Blacklist returned to NBC last night, and when we last saw them, Liz and Red were kind of on the outs because he has been lying to her for years. Pregnant and ready to pop, Liz proposed to Tom after they decided to keep the baby. After a month long hiatus, the team is back with more drama than ever.

The Blacklist-er: Mr. Solomon – No. 32

Mr. Solomon is in custody and about half a second away from being executed when a mystery team of snipers take out the U.S. Marshals that are transporting him. So much for making that problem go away… No one is more surprised than Solomon when a black sedan pulls up to whisk him away. Red gets wind that Solomon has reached out to one of his contacts for information on transporting a nuclear weapon.

Going To The Chapel Of Love

Liz and Tom Keen are about as happy as they can be. They are weeks away from the birth of the child they never thought they’d have, and a slot just opened up at the church they love. After some cajoling on Liz’s part, the pair decide to take the slot and get married that afternoon at 4 PM. They go about their respective duties for the ceremony and agree to meet at the altar. Liz heads to the post office to invite her friends to the wedding. She even asks Cooper if he will officiate the ceremony, as he is “the closest thing to a dad [she has].” Aram and Samar are on board, but Ressler warns her again that marrying Tom will mean danger for the rest of her and her child’s life.

The Task Force

Hanging on by a thread, the task force eats up Red’s lead to Solomon. After receiving direct orders to stand down, Cooper, Ressler, Samar, and Aram must get creative. They find one of Solomon’s associates in a motel, and she is willing to give up Solomon for immunity. That would be great – if the information were legit. She tells Ressler to let Homeland Security know that they know the New Jersey Turnpike is a decoy. With the government’s blessing, Ressler gets all the information he can to thwart Solomon’s attempt to set off a nuke. Their hunt leads to an abandoned van beneath a bridge which, unsurprisingly, turns up empty.

One Last Shot

Back at the apartment, Gina and The Major pop in on Tom, who is getting his suit ready. They both assert that Tom was one of their best accomplishments and worst disappointments. The Major orders Tom to get on his knees. He chastises Tom one last time, and says goodbye calling Tom by what is apparently his “real” name – Jacob. Right before The Major can shoot, Gina shoots him first. She tells Tom that he has disappointed her, but she lets him live…for now.

Liz readies herself in a spare room at St. Cecilia’s and Red pays her a visit. “You don’t know him,” he states, but Liz insists that he is a changed man. It is clearly painful for Red to watch the wedding go forward, so he leaves. Tom finds Liz before the ceremony to fill her in on the scene at the apartment. He can’t promise it won’t happen again and offers to let her go, but she refuses. “No more secrets.”

What Is Actually Happening

Red’s deduction skills and instinct lead him to another vehicle tied to Solomon and his team of mercenaries. It doesn’t take him long to realize that the decoy’s decoy was a decoy. Basically, Solomon and his “employer” are geniuses who distracted not only the FBI and task force, but even Reddington, from their actual target: one Elizabeth Keen. Red and his men, along with Ressler and his, race to St. Cecilia’s to crash Liz and Tom’s wedding in order to save Liz’s life.

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

Solomon’s Arrival

Reddington stomps up the aisle as Liz and Tom get ready to say their vows and, in his usual fashion, immediately takes over. He updates Cooper, Samar, and Aram on the situation and the group prepares for battle. “It has to be her,” Liz swears. “It’s my mom, isn’t it?” Solomon arrives and his men surround the church. Solomon calls and speaks to Red about handing over Liz, then gives them a little time to discuss their options and then calls back. Liz, everyone’s favorite martyr, pleads with Red and Tom to just let her go. She is confident it’s her mom and the men will not hurt her. We all know that’s not going to happen.

In a firefight that completely destroys the beautiful church, there are a few injuries. In the midst of it all, Liz (of course) decides to play hero and retrieve the bag of loaded weapons and ammo to keep the whole team armed. The sight of her walking up the aisle in a white dress with several red dots aimed at her chest is pretty unnerving. However, she remains unharmed.

The Getaway Car

Red is sure of Solomon’s plan to take the front of the church but then come in through the back – which is exactly what Solomon does. Hm, interesting. When Solomon’s men breach the front doors, the team manages to take down all but the last one, who Ressler shoots upon his arrival. With the door open and a (kind of) safe path to their “getaway car,” as Aram put it, Tom grabs Liz and they rush up the aisle. They drive off as the police and more reinforcements pull up. Back at the church the rest continue to defend themselves against Solomon’s men.

This was only the first part of a two-episode arc dedicated to Mr. Solomon, and I just know there is much more to come. The teaser for next week’s episode shows a car chase and Liz in the hospital for an emergency C-section. While this wasn’t quite the #RedWedding I had in mind, it did its job. It was not my favorite episode, either, as I felt some of the action in the church was done in poor taste (but that is just my personal opinion). Next week looks like it will drive the plot forward way more and will hopefully put an end to the dreaded Mr. Solomon.

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