Marvel Finds Its Colleen Wing In Game Of Thrones And Star Wars Actress Jessica Henwick

Image courtesy of HBO
Credit: HBO

Things are really starting to come together with Marvel’s upcoming Iron Fist series for Netflix!

Our live-action Danny Rand was found a while back in Game of Thrones star Finn Jones, and today we can put a face to another major character: Colleen Wing! Wing is to be played by Jessica Henwick – who has also appeared on Game of Thrones, interestingly enough! More recently, however, Henwick made a splash on the big screen in The Force Awakens as Jessica Pava, that badass lady X-Wing pilot.

Colleen Wing is one tough lady, and it’s high time she got to share the spotlight. Born in Japan, Wing was raised by her maternal grandfather, who trained her in the ways of the samurai. She travels to the states and is one of the first people Danny Rand meets when he returns to New York after having been MIA for a few years.

In Marvel comics Wing is generally seen partnered with Iron Fist, as well as a couple of other faces we’ll be familiar with soon: Misty Knight and Luke Cage. The latter two will team up onscreen first in Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage. Here’s hoping they get to make a cameo or two alongside Danny Rand and Colleen Wing.

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Iron Fist series will evidently be quite different from anything else we’ve seen from Marvel’s Netflix deal. That’s not hard to believe, if they stick to Iron Fist’s comic origins.

Unlike Wing, Rand’s fighting abilities (and powers) come from a trip to an alien pocket dimension – K’un-L’un. It’s unclear just how much the series will stick to its comic book origins.

Hopefully with Henwick’s casting, we can look forward to an influx of Iron Fist news in the near future!