It’s The Unfortunate Circle Of Life In This Week’s The Blacklist

Credit: EW/Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Credit: EW/Virginia Sherwood/NBC

This week’s episode of The Blacklist picks up where we left off last week. Mr. Solomon has the church surrounded, with Red and the FBI inside. Liz and Tom are on the run after their quickie almost-wedding was interrupted by Solomon and his crew. It doesn’t take long for Solomon to catch up; we learn he has eyes everywhere. After a car chase that ends with a crash, Liz and Tom must find a way to save themselves and save their baby.

WARNING: This is a recap so includes discussion of some big events from this week’s episode. Do not read further if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Uh Oh

Making their way through a nursing home, Liz realizes she is bleeding and so they make their way to the hospital. However, they then flee the hospital, knowing that Solomon will eventually put together the clues to where they are. Mr. Kaplan takes the pair to a nightclub-turned-ICU, and on the way Liz finally voices her anger and frustration at allowing Red and the commotion that surrounds him rule her life.

Liz and Tom’s buddy, Nick (the one who saved Tom’s life a few episodes ago), shows up to care for her, and deduces that if he does not perform an emergency C-section within ten minutes, the baby will die. When faced with the very real possibility of losing Lizzie or her baby, it looks like Red may be regretting some of his life choices.

How About a Dose of Honesty?

Red is furious and takes his anger out on everyone but who is to blame. While he is reeming Dembe, Mr. Kaplan steps in like the badass she is. She defends both Liz and Dembe and not so subtly reminds Red whose fault all of this is. “She’s been telling you for months that you’re a danger to her baby,” she whisper-shouts. “This is on you, Raymond – Nobody else. You were wrong to make her believe you could keep her safe. You made us all believe.”

Oh Baby, Baby…

Liz awaits her epidural and subsequent delivery of her baby. She is clearly on edge and, because they are in a nightclub and Liz wanted the day to be magic, Tom puts on some disco lights and a record playing “You’re Having My Baby.”

In a content state of mind with her husband by her side, Liz can finally relax and let herself look forward to becoming a mother. The baby is born and, after a few panicky seconds, Liz and Tom hear their baby cry for the first time.

And… It’s a girl!

For a few seconds it seems like things might be okay. When Red asks to see the baby, Liz loses it and forces him to leave the room. “This is my daughter,” she says fiercely. Tom tries to blame the drugs and exhaustion, but Liz insists she wants Red nowhere near her daughter. Red apologizes to Dembe, and as he sets out to get some fresh air, he hears the steady beep of Liz’s heart monitor increase.

Credit: EW/Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Credit: EW/Virginia Sherwood/NBC

When Things Go South

When Liz’s placenta tore, some amniotic fluid leaked into her bloodstream, causing her shortness of breath. Nick’s best option is to put her in a medically induced coma, and Mr. Kaplan makes the equipment readily available. Tom calms her before she receives the drugs, bringing the baby over one last time.

In a split second decision, Liz calls Red into the room and grabs his hand. “I’m sorry I kicked you out,” she apologizes. “It wasn’t fair after all you’ve done for me.” In a few sentences, the two share a tender minute just before Liz is put under. Red takes the moment and goes for it, letting her know that all he’s done is for her. “Raymond,” she struggles. “I do love…” and then she sinks into a coma.

More problems arise and Red springs into action to get Liz to the hospital in order to save her life. He includes Cooper in his plan, letting him know they need a fully armed escort and that they are going ‘duck hunting.’ “We’re losing her, Harold,” he says. “We’re losing Elizabeth.”

Damn You, Solomon

Mr. Solomon has men searching for Liz everywhere. When a hacker finds a medical report describing Liz and her current condition, he makes it his business to find her ASAP.

His eyes in the sky alert him to the FBI finding his henchman’s location due to the lost earpiece. He shoots the man on the spot letting the rest of his team know, “When you fall prey to errors, you become the prey.”

Solomon gets a location on Liz and the convoy taking her to the hospital. The medical team in the ambulance work to keep Liz alive as Solomon’s men force an ambulance off the road – and it turns out to be empty. Red and his team used a decoy and it seems to have worked… for one whole second. Solomon blockades the road and stops Liz’s real ambulance a few miles from the hospital.

During a fire fight, Red manually feeds Liz oxygen and Nick frantically tries to save her, but she only had so much time. After the defibrillator does not work, the doctor performs CPR a few more times. Red can only stand by helplessly and watch, pleading with her: “Please don’t go.”

What About Liz?

The FBI arrive as Solomon sets to take over the makeshift ambulance to get Liz. When Ressler and Dembe get to the vehicle, they find Red slumped over Liz’s lifeless body. “I’m had to call it,” Nick apologizes, holding back tears. “There was nothing I… I’m so sorry.”

Ressler, stunned and heartbroken, orders everyone to clear out and allow Raymond to have a few moments with Liz.

Reddington takes a minute to hold Liz’s hand and kiss her. He kisses her forehead repeatedly, and the goodbye feels more like an apology than anything else. When he is finished, Ressler escorts Red and Dembe to a waiting car where Red requests that Mr. Kaplan make arrangements for Liz’s body. As Red tries to get in the car, his legs give out and Dembe and Ressler must help him inside. The heartbroken look on his face will make you cry, I promise.

At the post office, Cooper and Aram learn of Liz’s passing and the devastation sets in. Samar breaks down in the street and Ressler must comfort her and physically help her stand. Mr. Kaplan prepares Liz’s body for transport and even the stone faced woman sheds as she wheels Liz’s body to her vehicle.

Red returns to the nightclub/ICU to find Tom with the baby. “I should have stayed with her,” he laments. Red assures Tom that Liz never woke up, when he asks if she was in any pain. Tom is now faced with the task of being a single dad. “I can’t do this alone,” he says. “Without her, I don’t know what to do.” Red, who is not a Tom fan, is surprisingly kind in the moment. As Red holds the baby for the first time, Baby Girl Keen finally gets her name.

“Her name is Agnes.”

So… That happened..? The jury’s still out (for me) on if this is another fake-Liz’s-death ploy by Reddington, as we never actually saw her die… But it looks pretty real-ish.

This episode hurt so bad. Even though Liz kind of became a drag, if she has died, what lies in store for the show, for Reddington, and for the task force? If you weren’t the biggest Liz fan, it is still hard not to mourn her apparent death, especially after finally finding a slice of happiness with Tom and Baby Agnes. If we’re being honest here, I didn’t cry at Liz’s death, but at everyone else’s reaction to Liz’s death.

This was a tough one to get through, and I cringe to think of what will happen in the coming episodes. With Tom and Solomon set for a spinoff, what kind of future can we expect for The Blacklist?

Mourn with me, and leave your comments and theories below.

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