It’s All About The Money In This Week’s The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Mindy and the gang are back with more hijinks and some new financial shenanigans. Friendships and relationships blossom in this week’s episode of Hulu’s The Mindy Project, called “So You Think You Can Finance.”

After last week’s debacle that was Mindy ‘putting herself out there’ by dating again, she is fully focused on her life as a doctor, business owner, and single mother. Yet, when Dr. Jody brings up the fact that she is probably not financially stable and kind of a mess, Mindy must admit the truth: she needs help.

Neighbors Upstairs

During the Shulman and Associates morning meeting, the staff is repeatedly interrupted by construction taking place upstairs. After a pipe bursts, soaking the whole team, Jeremy, Jody, and Mindy head upstairs to confront their new neighbor. Unfortunately for everyone but Mindy, the neighbor turns out to be Whitney; as in, Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend who cheated on him… with Jody. Her hedge fund group has moved into the vacant office above the practice, and she assures the boys that the work will continue until she says it is finished. Oh, she also “doesn’t remember” Jeremy or Jody. Good call, girl.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Finance and Friendship

In a conversation about to-do lists, Jody points out that Mindy has several uncashed paychecks strewn about her desk and office. She is one paycheck away from abject poverty, probably, but she wouldn’t know because she doesn’t track her finances. For her entire life, she relied on her father – then Danny – to handle the menial task of managing her money, and now she doesn’t know what to do. So, apparently for months she has not had any income.

Mindy sets out to solve her problem by heading upstairs to pay Whitney a visit. She asks the no-nonsense businesswoman to be her “money man” and fix her life. Whitney refuses, until Mindy finds out her secret. Now that Whitney is sober, she must chain herself to her desk to refrain from going out with her co-workers to drink and do drugs. Since she is friendless and fun-less, Whitney says she will look through the files. In turn, Mindy offers to be Whitney’s friend.

Jeremy is Officially the Worst

Dr. Jeremy Reed has prepared the office to meet his new girlfriend! He is in love again, and he cannot wait to show off his new woman, so everyone must be on their best behavior. When he introduces Juliet to the crew, everyone is more than welcoming to the older woman he met through his theatre group… except Jody. Jody is not quite as receptive to the idea that Jeremy would date an older woman as the rest of the office. Determined to find an ally in his skepticism, he canvasses the office and finds that everyone is supportive.

Later at the hospital, Tamra witnesses Jeremy flirting with the young female nurses after Juliet, the woman he supposedly loves, just left. After hearing the surrounding nurses swoon over how romantic and thoughtful Jeremy is, Tamra turns #teamjody on the issue.

When she finds Jeremy in the supply closet making out with one of the aforementioned nurses, Tamra is pissed and demands to know what is going on with Juliet. Jeremy explains that he hired Juliet to play his girlfriend so he would come off as less of a creep to the women in the hospital. “There aren’t a lot of roles for women her age,” he insisted, when asked why any self-respecting woman would agree to help him.

And… It is officially official: Our resident British heartthrob is as sleazy as Danny always made him out to be. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because he was adorable and halfway charming, but come on, Jeremy.

Cocaine and Board Games

Being Whitney’s friend turns into a full-time job for Mindy. The gal pals hang out every night in an attempt to keep Whitney from turning back to booze and cocaine. Every night, the woman shows up to Mindy’s apartment with a new board game, puzzle, or activity in tow. One night she brings paintball guns, and that is a friend date I would definitely sign up for. Quite frankly, Mindy is exhausted and needs a night or two off to rest. When she tries to cancel on Whitney after several girls’ nights, Whitney’s sarcastic, passive-aggressive text responses almost get to Mindy.

Late in the evening, Mindy finds out that Whitney has gone to McBarfigan’s with her co-workers. Worried for her new friend, and feeling a little guilty herself, she heads to the disgustingly named restaurant to retrieve Whitney. Mindy sees the men from Whitney’s office, who direct her to the women’s restroom where she finds Whitney… doing Sudoku? According to Whitney, it is not as addicting as everyone says it is! The girls head home, Whitney is still clean, and all is well.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Paging Dr. Jody

Jody is pretty salty at Mindy for blowing off their plans to choose a grandfather clock for the Later Baby office. The two bicker throughout the episode, and the weird tension between them from the last few episodes is getting worse. Jody harps on Mindy about the state of her finances and the fact she is “dating,” which is actually a lie Mindy told so he wouldn’t know she was hanging out with Whitney.

After finding Jeremy’s hired older girlfriend on the subway, she gives him some pretty solid advice when it comes to love. “Maybe your problem is,” she says, “that the person who makes you happy is the opposite of what you’re used to.” The idea sends Jody into a tailspin and prompts him to write a letter to Mindy. In addition to the apology he’s penned, he also suggests the idea of a date if she is open to it. Unfortunately, when he realizes the grave mistake he’s made, the mail has already gone out. If only Morgan had forgotten the mail again…

This episode was fun and funny and felt very much like the first couple of seasons. I hope the rest of season four continues along this path! What did you think?

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