It’s A Double Act Of Episodes On This Week’s Grey’s Anatomy Recap

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey’s, April found out that Catherine Avery wants Jackson to sue her, but didn’t realize that Jackson doesn’t want to so April took out a restraining order. Penny received a grant that will send her to New York for a year, and Ben went rogue on a patient. 

We got a double dose of Grey’s, two episodes in one night, so this will be broken up by episode.
Episode 1: “There’s a Fine, Fine Line”
This episode was set up a little goofy because there was a lot of back and forth. Like that episode in season six where they had to figure out what went wrong with the patient who died from smoke inhalation because April didn’t check her airway.
Code Pink
The episode opens up with Bailey reviewing hospital security footage with some random dude and they’re discussing a Code Pink. He reassures her it’s not time to panic yet but Alex ends up convincing her to call the code so they can find the six-year-old boy who’s missing. Alex believes the dad took the child and that any time spent not calling the code or just standing around is more time the dad has to get away. Bailey calls the Code Pink and the hospital locks down, which means all of the doors bolt shut and the elevators don’t run. Alex steals a key card that lets him through the doors and he starts looking for the boy. He finds him hiding under the stairs and brings him back to his mother and the code gets lifted.
Bailey gets paged 911 (I’m assuming it was a 911 because she ran). She ends up finding Ben and DeLuca in a hallway with a crashing patient and a newborn baby. There’s blood all over the floor and DeLuca is performing CPR on the mother. Bailey recognizes her as a car accident victim, named Gretchen, who came in earlier with her husband Omar and their three kids.
Events Prior to the Code Pink
Bailey was at the ambulance when Gretchen and her family came in, but she got pulled away by Alex for the Code Pink, so she left Meredith in charge. When they got Gretchen to the trauma room, her BP dropped and Ben helped to bring back up. Ben was also able to give Gretchen an update on her children. Richard called Meredith in for help with Omar, leaving Ben and DeLuca alone with the patient until Arizona arrives. Richard sees Arizona enter the room and is able to back Meredith up with Bailey later.
When Ben and DeLuca took Gretchen up for a CT, her scans were clear. Then she started to get cold and complain of back and abdominal pain. Ben and DeLuca propped her up to help alleviate the pain but she still doesn’t look well. Ben decides they need to get Gretchen to Arizona. Gretchen starts to crash while they’re waiting in the hallway for the elevator and the Code Pink starts, locking them in the hallway with no way to get help.
Events After the Code Pink
While Alex is talking to the boy about why he ran away, he sees Ben run past with Gretchen’s baby and runs after him. Alex tries to get information about what happened from Ben. Ben doesn’t know anything and Alex tells him to leave because he’s not helping. Bailey comes into the room and tells him to come with her, Ben brushes her off and she uses her Chief voice and pulls him into her office. When Ben and Bailey get there, Ben starts to explain what happened. Bailey stops him because as the Chief, anything he tells her can be used against him later. Bailey tells him not to talk to anyone and to stay in her office until she returns.
Bailey’s first stop is Meredith because Meredith is listed as the Attending and Bailey left Gretchen with her earlier. Meredith explains that she just did the intake and then left Gretchen with Warren.
Bailey runs into DeLuca in the hall and asks him what happened because her scans look clear. DeLuca talks her through what happened and explains that the patient was crashing and they didn’t have a choice. Bailey accepts that answer until DeLuca says “That’s what Dr. Warren said.”
Bailey speaks to Arizona next about what happened after she left the room, while Arizona and April are working on Gretchen. Bailey keeps asking her why she left the patient with Ben and DeLuca. Arizona loses her patience and raises her voice, telling her that Gretchen and the baby were stable when she left them with Ben. April jumps in and tells Bailey that if there’s anyone she’d want performing an emergency C-Section, it would be Ben. Gretchen flatlines in the OR and they are unable to resuscitate her. Bailey goes to check on the baby and arrives in time to see that Alex and the team working on the baby just called it. Omar was the only one of the three of them to make it.
Bailey goes to Richard and tells him she thinks any disciplinary action would be more appropriate coming from him because he’s in charge of the Residents. Richard tells her no because he’s not the Chief.
Jackson checks on Ben (he is the first and only one to do so) to ask how he is doing. Ben starts to defend himself but Jackson cuts him off because he shouldn’t tell him anything. When Ben asks Jackson how he is doing, Jackson folds and tells Ben he has 10 minutes to talk and then Jackson leaves, during that 10 minutes, Ben can say whatever and Jackson will pretend he didn’t hear it. Ben tells him what happened and Jackson looks bothered by what Ben told him, but doesn’t say anything.
Bailey visits Omar and Gretchen’s children and indicates to Jo that the mother didn’t make it. The oldest kid, the daughter, Jasmine, asks Bailey if she can talk to her and they go in the hallway so her brothers can’t hear. Jasmine tells Bailey that she’s in charge now and wants to know what’s going on. Bailey tells her about her parents. Jasmine keeps it together and asks Bailey about her brother’s tooth (he lost it earlier that day). Bailey gives her the tooth and money (from the tooth fairy) for her brother. It was only a few bucks but I feel like that’s a hospital no-no.
Bailey returns to the security office to watch the video of Ben in the hallway. She is interrupted by the suit from earlier, asking her to sign a report indicating she called a false alarm earlier. She’s only half paying attention because she sees something on the video. Bailey finally goes back to her office to talk to Ben and find out what happened from him. When Ben is done recounting what happened and insisting that he didn’t have a choice, Bailey pulls out a tablet and shows him the video. The video that shows he had a choice because right before he cut into Gretchen, the elevator opened.
The episode ends with Ben yelling at Bailey about being her husband and storming off down the hall.
Episode 2: “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”
The episode opens with Ben and Bailey arriving to work together. Ben is all pissy at Bailey for doing her job. I’m not liking Ben this season. Bailey tells Richard that she put together and advisory committee to help her make a decision about Ben. Richard starts to tell her that’s not the right way to handle it, but Bailey explains that she’ll be making the final decision. She just wants input and she knows she’s not impartial, and Richard drops it.
When Ben sees who makes up the committee (Maggie, Meredith, and Owen), he is relieved until Maggie starts explaining why they’re there and that if he lies he will get dismissed immediately. They review the tape with Ben and point out that the elevator doors opened before he cut into Gretchen and he looked at the doors when they opened. Ben tries to explain that it didn’t register and they ask him some questions about if he had already decided to make the cut or that the elevator would take too long. He tells them no for both. When he’s done with the committee, he goes to Bailey’s office because he can’t work. They get into a small argument and then talk it out, realizing they need to keep work and home (church and state) separate (duh).
Alex and Arizona meet with the committee together and agree that not seeing the doors is pretty major. Alex explains what happened with the baby and tells them that Riggs suggested ECMO and it exacerbated the issue. Owen is more interested in the possibility that Riggs messed up than the fact that they’re there to figure out disciplinary action for Ben.
They bring Ben in to ask him why he chose to ignore the elevator doors. He insists that he didn’t see it happen. He tells them that they should understand that during surgery the world stops, and they do.
The committee meets with Bailey and tells her they believe Ben did miss the door because he was too focused on the patient. Bailey takes this information and decides to suspend Ben from the program for six months. Ben gets angry because he’ll fall too far behind and won’t be able to catch up.
Later, Ben goes to Bailey and tells her that she has to make the committee reconsider. She can’t argue that he received special treatment. Bailey explains that it was special treatment, she was talked down from firing him.
Side note: Gretchen’s husband spent most of the episode fighting for his life but ended up pulling through and waking up at the end.
Jackson and April
Jackson and his mother meet with his lawyer about the restraining order and fighting for full custody when the baby is born, while April and Arizona meet with April’s lawyer to discuss the same thing. April feels bad about the restraining order and wants to take it back because she didn’t realize that Jackson wanted to work everything out.
April and Jackson get paged to the same patient and they argue over who gets to stay, because they’re in violation of the restraining order by both being there. Jackson ends up taking the patient and bringing Richard in as the General Surgeon. April doesn’t fight it because something is up with the baby and she walks away. She goes to Arizona’s house freaking out because she thinks something is wrong with the baby. They rush to the hospital and Arizona gives her an ultrasound, the baby is fine, April was just feeling the baby moving.
At the end of their shift, Jackson finds April to talk about their prenup, because it was written by two people who really cared about each other and he wants those people to be working out their stuff now. April lets him feel the baby kicking.
Penny and Callie
Penny mentions to Callie that she has to give an answer about the grant the next day and they talk around if they want her to take the grant. It’s a great opportunity buy Penny doesn’t really want to leave Callie behind.
Callie corners Penny in a supply room and tells her she ignored the moment where Callie says go to New York and Penny says come with me. You know, that obnoxious passive aggressive couple shit that people do, especially Callie. Penny points out that Callie can’t move to NY and Callie tells her she knows that but just wanted to be asked. Penny tells her they can do the long distance thing and then they start kissing. Before anything can really happen, Arizona walks in and it’s awkward. Not as awkward as knowing there’s more chemistry between Callie and Arizona than Callie and Penny though.
Callie brings Arizona the suture kit she had gone into the supply room for and she tells Arizona that Penny is leaving. Arizona tells her that doesn’t mean that their relationship is over if Callie doesn’t want it to be,they just have to work for it and that they should.
Callie and Penny talk about Penny leaving. Callie mentions that she doesn’t do well alone (duh) and Penny points out that Callie never asked her to stay. Callie tells her she can’t because she can’t get in the way of Penny’s exciting new doctoring adventure. Callie tells Penny she loves her (for the first time) and it makes Penny cry. Callie tells her that this is the moment to ask her to come with her.
Callie runs into Arizona and tells her that she was right and that Callie figured stuff out with Penny. Callie tells her that she’s moving to New York with Penny and when Arizona points out that she has a daughter, Callie tells Arizona she can visit. Later, Arizona sees Callie and Penny picking up Sofia and she gets upset. Arizona ends up going to April’s lawyer to discuss fighting Callie for custody of Sofia.