Game Of Thrones Season Premiere Gives Us The True “The Red Woman” And Some Answers

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Hello Game Of Thrones fans! The wait is finally over!

After months of teasing and speculation, the season 6 premiere is upon us. Season 5 left us with so many questions and vague endings. Is Jon Snow dead? Did Sansa and Theon survive their jump? Where in the Westeros is Daenerys at now? Is Myrcella dead? What’s going to happen to Margaery? Is Arya really blind?

Given the events that went down this episode, most of those questions were indeed answered while others were raised.

Let’s get down to business and discuss what went down on the premiere aptly titled “The Red Woman”.”

What You Need To Know:

Kings Landing’s Woes: Jaime returns to Kings Landing with Myrcella’s body. Yes, the poor princess did not survive, which devastates both Cersei and Jaime. While Jaime though the sight of Myrcella’s body would cause Cersei to seek revenge, she stuns when she mentions a prophecy that foretold the death of all her children. Jaime tells his sister to forget said prophecy and that they would have their revenge on Dorne.  Speaking of Dorne, Ellaria Sand cleans house. She kills King Doran after seemingly making peace and then the Sand Snakes kill Trystane with a spear through his head while he’s on the boat at Kings Landing. With that, the Sand family takes over Dorne, and war has been declared. Elsewhere, Margaery is still refusing to confess anything to the High Sparrow so she is still rotting in a cell.

The Wall’s Betrayal: The episode opened with Jon Snow lying in a pool of his own blood and Ghost mourning howling. Yes, the Lord Commander is indeed dead. Ser Davos and a few loyal brothers grab Snow’s body before his murderers can get a hold of it. The few loyal brothers want revenge on Thorne but Davos thinks they need outside help. One of them takes off to get some allies while Melisandre looks in Snow’s body and wonders how she could have been so wrong as she saw him alive in battle in a vision. While Davos, Ghost and the few loyal brothers await for allies, Thorne riles up the Brothers of the Watch to go get Jon’s body. Davos is having none of it and suggests they seek out Melisandre for help. As for the Red Woman, she’s hiding out in a room, thinking about her failures. She then undresses fully, even removing that necklace she is always wearing. When she finally is done, the Red Woman is no more as she has turned into a crone of sorts!

Khaleesi In Chains And Trouble In Mereen:Daenerys Targaryen meets the leader of the khalasar that has taken her captive. They threaten her with rape and abuse but she quickly shuts that down when she reveals she’s the widow of Khal Drogo. They release her only to tell her that as a widow, she must go to live out her days in a temple that houses all Khal widows. As for her compatriots, Daario and Jorah have found her location, while Tyrion and Varys try to keep things calm in Mereen. Sadly for them, the Sons of the Harpy have taken to burning their boats.

On The Run In The North: Sansa and Theon luckily survive their jump but are now being hunted down by Ramsay’s hounds. They make it pretty far until they stopped for a moment. The hounds and their guards find them and a fight ensues. All hope looks lost for a moment until Brienne and Podric come to save the day. They kill all the guards, and Brienne swears her protection once more to Sansa, which she accepts.  As for Ramsay, his father is displeased that Sansa has escaped and warns him that he needs to get her back or else he’ll find himself an outcast again as Roose’s wife is expecting and it’s predicted that it will be a boy.

Braavos Blind: As for Arya, she’s been kicked to the streets, totally blind. She’s not alone for long as the menacing Waif from the House of the Faceless comes to pick on her/train her. She beats up on Arya and leaves alone once again.

Quote of the night:

“Your son is weak, just like you, and weak men will never rule Dorne again.” Ellaria Sand

Check out the promo from next week’s episode “Home” below!

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