Game Of Thrones Reveals Season 6 Premiere Title And Synopsis: Is Jon Snow Really Dead?

Game Of Thrones Reveals Season 6 Premiere Title And Synopsis: Is Jon Snow Really Dead?
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When Game of Thrones returns in about two weeks, one of the show’s biggest questions right now may be answered in the premiere episode.

When the show was last on the air, it left fans with quite the cliffhanger. The season finale found fan favorite Jon Snow “meeting his end” as his brothers of the Night Watch stabbed him repeatedly. Since that episode aired, the whole fandom has been in disarray, wondering if Snow was truly gone as the character had yet to meet his demise in the books.

With every actor and actress on the show giving their thoughts and teasing about Snow’s fate, fans were left wondering whom to believe.

HBO has decided to step into the fray and have released the title of the upcoming season premiere and its synopsis. The episode’s title is “The Red Woman”, which, as fans of the show will tell you, refers to Melisandre, who was last seen at Castle Black with Jon Snow.

The speculation amongst fans is that she is going to be the one to help Jon Snow, though Ian McShane has teased his character has something to do with that.

As for the synopsis for the episode, it’s pretty short, sweet, and blunt.

“Jon Snow is dead,” HBO states in its synopsis of the season six premiere, giving an official confirmation to one of the most discussed deaths on TV.  Also included the synopsis was some revealing insight to Cersei and Daenerys: “Daenerys meets a strong man” and “Cersei sees her daughter again.”

To be fair, just because Jon Snow is technically dead doesn’t mean he’s permanently gone (yes, the state of denial is real). There’s still hope that he can be resurrected.

Game of Thrones will finally reveal all the answers when it returns to our screens on April 24th.

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