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Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

How are we feeling this week, Blacklist fans? After last episode’s shocking twists and turns, we are still reeling a little bit. It turns out we aren’t the only ones: Raymond Reddington is having some struggles of his own following the “death” of his maybe-daughter, Elizabeth Keen. Like any mature adult, Reddington spent this week drowning his sorrows and avoiding his warped version of reality. Ladies and gentlemen, we present “Cape May.”

The Aftermath

Still not having come to terms with Lizzie’s death (who is, really?), Reddington interrogates his doctor on call, Nick, again and again to see where it all went wrong. This is a shot in the dark, but it probably went wrong when Red told her to leave an actual hospital and go to a nightclub for medical care. Reddington, who never stays in one place for long, and always has a minimum of five alternate plans, drags himself out of whatever secret hiding spot he was staying in to almost be hit by the cab he gives $500 to drive him to Cape May, New Jersey.

Upon reaching the seaside town, Red instructs Mr. Kaplan to pay off all his outstanding debts and to close his accounts out. After a meal he doesn’t eat, he visits the closed season Sea Breakers Inne. He certainly knows his way around, but on the beach he cannot help but notice the same frightened young woman he saw earlier in the diner. When Red sees her remove her necklace and dive into the stormy ocean in an attempt to end her life, he runs after her. If we had to guess, he sees someone familiar in the woman.

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

Seeing Double

In a series of scenes in which we don’t really know what’s going on, Red comforts the woman. The man who she ran from earlier appears to have found her at the inn, and Red sets out to take care of it. He stands guard with an axe, and takes the time over dinner to ask the woman who wants to kill her. She turns the tables by asking him his story, and he tells her in his own, Reddington-esque way. It is the first time he admits that both baby and mother were doomed – and that, no matter what he tried to do, he brought ‘her’ death. “And now you’re dead,” she observes. “And there’s nothing left for you.”

When a police officer checks up on Red – or, Mr. Donnelly – he plays the part of “old family friend” well when speaking of the recently deceased owner. The woman, who remains nameless, makes it her mission to find out just who Reddington is. “Have you ever killed anyone?” she asks (he must just give off that vibe). When he replies that he has killed many people, she adds, “me too.” But of course Red already knows that.

Found Out

Someone has broken into the house and now we have two admitted assassins ready to rumble. As Red moves through the house, his final stop is the bathroom. When he moves the shower curtain back to find nothing, we hear a woman say (with a faintly Russian accent, might I add), “Behind you.” But then we see the man from the diner and outside earlier behind the door. Our mystery gal has no problem bashing his face in with the corner of the bathroom sink, though, so problem solved. Neither know who the man is, only that he is “one of them.”

He is Her Father

With the body taken care of, Red and the woman have a heart to heart about those they have killed. When asked if he has ever spared someone who deserved to die, Red describes Tom Keen. There was a woman that Red loved very much, and she had a baby. However, the woman died. The man told Red that he would never be a part of the child’s life, and Red knew that to hurt the man would be to hurt the baby… because he is her father.

There are many people after the woman and they know they are short on time. When the woman insists that Red leave without her, he refuses. The two prepare for battle, and it’s a little unnerving seeing Red without Dembe behind him, but she will have to do.

In a series of carefully plotted attacks, Red and the woman take down the dozen men that have come for her. They get pretty creative, and it appears that the woman is ruthless. They must clean up and head out, but later when Red tries to find her, he finds the inn clean and completely empty. He frantically searches the house and finds the woman down at the edge of the ocean again.

You Chose Well

Red cannot find the mystery woman and the man with the metal detector insists that the only living soul he’s seen on the beach in two weeks is Red. Red reimagines the last few days as it actually occurred: walking himself through every step of those last few days with Katarina. The metal detector finds a necklace in the sand… the necklace. Red hands him a wad of bills for the piece and finds the familiar engraving on the back.

Then, Katarina appears at his side again, “alive” and well. “You had no choice,” she says. “It was the only way. You chose well.” Her words refer to his choosing Masha, or Liz, over her, and poor Red looks confused and devastated. The episode closes with Red heading back to land: “There’s someone I need to see.”


And there you have it! Poor Red has been either hallucinating or simply remembering all this time. The man is catatonic in a way, and I rather missed his lengthy monologues just before taking an enemy’s life.

I didn’t want to lead with the spoilers this week, but the episode was pretty cool. Katarina was one badass chick – but I am still not convinced she is gone. I also have to give a shout out to the director of this episode and the cinematographers – this was shot beautifully.

Next week promises just as much action and drama, but hopefully we will also get some context and a setup for a new plot. How will life continue after the “death” of Liz Keen?

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