Darkest Hour May Have Found Its Winston Churchill: Gary Oldman Currently In Talks


Is there anything Gary Oldman can’t do? Answer: no. He can play the most famous vampire of all, a misjudged wizard, and a drug addict DEA agent with such mastery that you pretty much forget they are all played by the same actor.

Because he never ceases to surprise us, it looks like Gary Oldman will undergo another radical transformation, this time to play a historical character.

According to EW, Oldman is in talks to play Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, a drama focused on the United Kingdom in 1940, right before World War II happened. That was the year Churchill was appointed Prime Minister, stepping in for Neville Chamberlain. And the rest is history.

Darkest Hour is the latest project of director Joe Wright (Atonement) with Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything) in charge of the script. Production is expected to begin in July, so it’s only a matter of waiting for confirmation on Gary Oldman’s involvement, which I don’t need to say would be absolutely perfect.

I have limitless, undying love for Gary Oldman – to me, there’s no one better than him (don’t fight me!) and as I mentioned above, he can play pretty much any type of character. Why not playing a historic figure this time? And under the lead of Joe Wright, I’m sure this movie will be a must-watch… and it will make us forget the mess that was Wright’s last movie (cough, Pan, cough).

We won’t have to wait long to see Gary Oldman on the big screen again; Ariel Vromen’s action thriller Criminal comes out today, also starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gal Gadot, and Michael Pitt. Then in August we will see Mr. Oldman in The Space Between Us, a science fiction romance with Carla Gugino and Asa Butterfield which follows a young boy who grows up in Mars and falls in love with a girl on Earth.

See? Gary Oldman can do anything.

We will keep you posted on further details regarding Darkest Hour.