Being “Trigger Happy” Is The Root Of All Problems This Week On Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey‘s, Stephanie started sexting a former patient, April and Jackson agreed to try to work things out without lawyers, Ben got suspended, and Callie decided to move to New York with Penny and take Sofia with her, prompting Arizona to get a lawyer.

Callie and Arizona
Callie and Arizona meet for coffee to talk about Callie’s upcoming move to New York. Callie tells Arizona that she and Penny found a place near some really good schools and shows Arizona some brochures. Arizona gets upset and tells Callie that she’s not okay with her just up and taking Sofia without talking about it. Arizona was really bothered when Callie told her “You’ll be able to see her whenever you want” and when Callie tells her they’re talking so they can discuss options, Arizona tells her that’s not exactly how it seems.

Later, Arizona talks to Callie about Sofia doing well in school and that it makes no sense to pull her out in the middle of the school year. Callie tells her that she and Penny would take Sofia after the school year ends and Arizona starts talking about how Callie isn’t the only one who can make the decision to disrupt their daughter’s life. Callie asks her why it’s disruptive for Sofia but not when Arizona moved all the time as a kid. Arizona doesn’t respond and Callie is kind of missing the fact that Arizona moved with her whole family, not just one of her parents.

Callie runs into Penny and tells her about her conversation with Arizona. Callie tells her that she wants to talk but Arizona has decided to argue and just say no. Callie asks for Penny’s thoughts but she tells her it’s not really her place.

Arizona talks to Richard about the whole thing and Richard tries to reassure her that Callie isn’t trying to keep Arizona from Sofia or imply visitation like she’s not a parent. Arizona tells Richard she has a lawyer and Richard tries telling her that he understands she feels she has to protect herself but also points out that Callie and Arizona manage to work stuff out all the time. Richard brings up Jackson and April and how their stuff got blown up because of an overreaction. When Arizona ask him if he thinks she’s overreacting, he just tells her that she needs to stop and think and make sure she’s not.

When Callie tells Bailey she’s moving to New York and leaving GSM, Bailey is a little shocked. She asks Callie about jobs and Callie tells her she’s gotten offers, although it’s less pay and not a Chief position. Bailey asks, “You’re giving up your career to chase tail across the country?” summing up Callie’s decision making (sometimes). Callie gets upset and tells her she just wanted to give her notice, not get judged.

At the end of the day, Callie goes to talk to Arizona and starts talking about how small Sofia was. Callie apologizes for jumping the gun and getting carried away and that she’s not trying to make plans without Arizona. Arizona tells her that one of the schools called about Sofia’s application, and she tells Callie that she has to talk to her lawyer about everything from now on. Callie accuses Arizona of jumping the gun and Arizona reminds her that she started it.

Alex, Amelia, and the gunshot victim 
This week’s big medical story was an 8 year old boy, Brandon, who was shot by his friend, Peter, during a play date. They were at Brandon’s house and found his mother’s gun while the babysitter was out of the room

Brandon was shot in the abdomen and in the OR Amelia discovers that there are bullet fragments in his spinal canal. While they’re working on Brandon, Alex starts in on the other having a gun in the house and Amelia says the mom should be locked up. They all start talking about gun ownership and how guns don’t help, Jo tells them all she has a gun and it surprises everyone. Alex cuts the conversation off so they can focus on Brandon.

Amelia has to go talk to Brandon’s mom about something she has to do save Brandon but puts him at risk for being paralyzed. Brandon’s mom and Peter’s mom get into an argument about who’s at fault. Here’s the thing, if you’re going to have a gun in the house with children, you need to teach them about gun safety and that they aren’t toys. You can’t just lock the gun up and hope they don’t get into it.

Back in the OR, Alex starts asking Jo where the gun is and Jo tells him it’s in a box under the bed. Alex tells her he doesn’t want it in the house and when Jo tells him it makes her feel safer because of the neighborhood they live in, he reminds her he got shot.

Brandon starts to crash in the middle of Amelia working, they have to make a choice to give Amelia another minute or shock the kid. They choose to save him right away but unfortunately it means he is paralyzed because he was jostled.

After the surgery, Amelia talks to Peter about Brandon. She tells him that Brandon made it but he won’t walk again. Peter asks Amelia if Brandon was mad at him and Amelia asks Peter if he would be mad if he was in Brandon’s shoes, and Peter tells her he would be a little mad but it was just an accident. Amelia holds his hands and has him promise her that any time he feels bad that he’ll tell himself “it was an accident, I didn’t mean to.”

When Alex gets home, he finds Jo sitting on the bed with her gun. She explains that when she was living in her car, the gun was a comfort to her, it was the only thing that made her feel safe. Jo also tells him that she didn’t value her life much back then and then tells him she doesn’t want to keep the gun anymore, she doesn’t need to.

Ben and Bailey
Ben decides that he can get around his suspension by working as an anesthesiologist again. He does not talk to Bailey before talking to the head of anesthesiology. Ben talks to Bailey after he finds out he can pick up some cases but when he tells Bailey, she’s upset. She tells him that it looks bad that he’ll be in an OR while he’s suspended and Ben gets upset because this whole thing is all about her. Ben tells her that she can’t stop him because it’s not her department and Bailey tells him if he decides to do it, he has to find a new place to sleep.