Are We Ready To Move On “When It Hurts So Bad” On Grey’s Anatomy?

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously, Meredith decided to give Thorpe a chance and Jackson found out that April’s pregnant.

The episode starts with Thorpe walking Meredith to her door after their second date and the two sharing a goodnight kiss. The next morning, Maggie’s brushing her teeth when she hears Meredith yelling at someone to get out and we see a half-dressed Thorpe getting shoved out of Meredith’s bedroom. Thorpe insists to Maggie and Amelia (who ended up spending the night at Meredith’s unintentionally) that he didn’t do anything, that he was sleeping and woke up to Meredith yelling at him to get out.

Amelia and Maggie stay home from work to make sure Meredith is okay. When she comes downstairs, they try to talk to her but she ignores them and goes on a kitchen cleaning frenzy. Amelia tries to leave but Maggie tells Meredith that something happened with Owen and they all need to talk. Maggie runs out to drop Zola and Bailey off and when she returns, Amelia and Meredith are cleaning in the family room. Maggie and Amelia talk about Owen and DeLuca and when Maggie tries to get Meredith involved, Meredith ignores her and focuses on a stain on the rug instead. Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie are assembling a carpet steamer and talking about what happened between Owen and Amelia. Alex barges into the house ready to go after Thorpe, but gets roped into helping them clean. While they’re steaming the carpet, Maggie starts talking about DeLuca and how they haven’t been able to see much of each other since they went public with their relationship. Amelia, Meredith, and Alex point out that he’s brushing her off so Maggie goes the hospital to confront him.

Maggie finds DeLuca and pulls him into an on-call room to talk. She asks him if he wants to be with her and he doesn’t answer. Maggie doesn’t give him a chance to explain and tells him to leave.

Meredith is re-organizing a closet when she finds a blanket that used to be Derek’s. She takes the blanket and tells Amelia and Alex that they’re doing cleaning. Meredith ended up making a fire (in 70 degree weather) and is just sitting in front of it, wrapped in Derek’s blanket, when Alex comes into the room. She starts talking to him about the blanket, Derek, and Thorpe and explains that she freaked out because she wasn’t ready, not because of something Thorpe did. Amelia and Maggie join Alex and Meredith in front of the fire. Amelia tells them that she and Owen are done (about damn time) and Maggie tells them that she and DeLuca are done. The doorbell rings and it’s Thorpe, Alex is in the middle of telling him to leave when Meredith appears and tells him it’s okay.

Thorpe apologizes to Meredith and she tells him that it wasn’t him. Meredith tells him about Derek and explains that she’s just not ready yet, even if she thought she was. Thorpe tells Meredith that he’ll wait until she’s ready. When Meredith comes back into the family room, Amelia says something about leaving and Meredith tells her she can stay in her room. Seems like Amelia gets to move back in.

Callie and Penny
In the beginning of the episode, Penny tells Callie that she loves her and Callie only says “Thank you” back. They don’t talk about it and it’s just awkward, as these things are.

At the hospital, a random intern (?) we’ve never seen before asks Penny for some help with a patient. She had tried contacting Arizona and Callie but they were both in surgery so she went to Penny, because the patient is Sofia. Sofia fell and hit her head on a rock during a play date and has a minor laceration. Once Penny assesses her, she pages Callie and Arizona to the ER. After Callie and Arizona check on Sofia, Callie walks away with Penny and is a little annoyed. Callie tells her that she should have paged her before treating her and Penny tells her she wanted to make sure she knew everything before pulling Callie out of surgery. Callie tells her she should have paged Alex, Meredith, even Bailey. Penny asks if Callie really wanted her to call the Chief of Surgery for a head laceration and Callie tells her that Sofia doesn’t know anything about Penny and that Arizona was uncomfortable. This information sends Penny to Arizona to apologize, where she finds out that Callie lied, she and Arizona never actually talked about Penny meeting Sofia. For the record, Arizona is fine with it. Arizona goes to Callie to tell her to leave her out of whatever relationship stuff Callie and Penny have going on. She also reminds Callie that if they’re having any issues, Callie should be talking to Penny about it.

When Callie gets out of surgery, Penny is waiting with Sofia’s chart. Callie starts to apologize but Penny cuts her off. Penny tells Callie that lying to her and making her feel like crap like she did isn’t okay, that they need to actually talk about stuff with each other.

Callie runs into Bailey and ends up asking her when she was ready for Tuck to meet Ben. Bailey tells her it wasn’t about when Tuck was ready, it was about when she was ready. Callie tells her that she’s been ready for Penny to meet Sofia for a while, but she has a tendency to jump into things and she’s nervous. Bailey tries putting it a different way, asking her when she pictures Sofia 20 years from now as a champion athlete, who does Callie imagine standing next to her, cheering Sofia on. This helps Callie work it out.

At the end of the day, when Penny is leaving the hospital, Callie is outside waiting for her with Sofia. Callie tells Penny that she and Sofia were planning on getting ice cream and invites her along. Penny is hesitant and Callie tells her they’re on the same page and that Callie has been there a while.

April and Jackson
Catherine Avery is in town and Jackson wastes no time in telling her to leave April alone and to not talk to her. Catherine wastes no time in seeking April out, finding her in the Attending’s lounge in between surgeries. Catherine starts talking about being pregnant with Jackson and stops April when she tries to leave. She tells April that she doesn’t want to talk about Jackson, she just wants to talk about April and how she’s doing. April ends up telling her that she found out she was pregnant the day she and Jackson signed the divorce papers and she didn’t say anything because she just needed time to process. Catherine tells her that she would have done the same thing. After Catherine and April talk, April finds Jackson and tells him that she and Catherine had a really nice conversation. She asks him if they can talk and Jackson is surprised, but relieved.

At the end of the day, Jackson runs into his mom and Richard. He thanks Catherine for talking to April, despite him asking her not to. Catherine tells him that she got all the information they needed, Jackson looks a little confused and she explains that they can use the information to go after April. April committed fraud when she signed the divorce papers and Catherine is ready to do something about it.