WonderCon 2016: The 100 Cast Promises An Epic End To Season Three

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

This season of The 100 has certainly been one of the most talked about seasons to date. With controversy hitting the show left and right it is hard to see what else could possibly happen to these delinquents that hasn’t already.

Well we were lucky enough to talk to the cast as well as creator Jason Rothenberg at WonderCon and all anyone could talk about was how excited they were for fans to see what the heck is going to happen with the rest of the season.

The main underlying storyline throughout season three has been the introduction to the AI, ALIE, and all the craziness that has come out of that. Well hold on to our seats because that storyline is about to go insane.

Rothenberg said that the little chip that was taken out of Lexa after her very controversial death is pretty much the key to everything, “everyone is going to be after this chip. It’s going to drive this story into a very intense direction.”

And it looks like both the Grounders and the Skykru are going to have to watch their backs because there is going to be a new threat that is going to pose trouble for both the crews if things aren’t settled.

“A new threat rises that means everyone better figure out a way to get together or they’re all going to be toast,” Rothenberg teased.

One character who is completely immersed in the ALIE storyline and will, probably, head the battle against her is everyone’s favourite mechanic, Raven.

Lindsey Morgan gave us a little teaser of where her storyline is going by saying, “I’d say look forward to basically the fight of the century: Raven vs ALIE.”

Raise your hand if you are ready for old school Raven to come back and kick some AI ass?

Raven has had a pretty tough going this season, she is going through a lot of internal pain that roots in the chronic pain she suffers from because of her leg injury. “All Raven’s monsters are inside her,” Morgan said. But Raven doesn’t give up, as we saw in the last episode when she figured out ALIE was taking away all her happy memories.

Raven will always pull through, “Because she had to learn to be strong, she will always be strong.”

“It’s going to be very interesting coming up, I’m very excited to see that,” Morgan said.

Linked to Raven’s storyline is Jasper, played by Devon Bostick, who has definitely been in a dark place this season. 

“It has been very intense. I’ve really put everything I’ve got into it,” Bostick said. “[I] went to some very dark places and hopefully it shows on screen. I just really wanted to give the right tribute to people who are going through what Jasper is going through”

The end of season two had Jasper going through the extremely traumatizing experience of losing someone he loved at the hand of his own friends (and best friend of all in Monty) when they killed everyone in Mount Weather.

“He’s suffering,” Bostick said.

But it looks like this storyline with Raven might be really good for Jasper.

“What I love is Jasper seems to be pulled out of his head a little bit with this Raven storyline and ALIE and being given a mission,” Bostick said. “He’s distracted from his emotions for once. He’s given the chance to not be by the bar so I’m excited for him to go off on this journey and come back to a version of Jasper we’ve seen before but also excited to see what triggers him along the way. There’s going to be some interesting scenes happening in the future.”

Everyone’s problematic fave, John Murphy – played by Richard Harmon – who seems to be the only person on the show who knows what the heck is going on with anything.

“I think the storyline with him in Polis I think that’s going to be fun for the all the audience to watch because again for murphy it’s such a different world he’s been on the ground for a while now…he’s been everywhere,” Harmon said. “Polis is just a new setting for him and me knowing where it’s going I’m very excited for the audience to see what John is going to do.”

The teasing is just cruel…and the teasing doesn’t end there. I’m sorry.

Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy Blake, is also excited to show fans where the show goes with the AI storyline and said, “there’s some really great scenes that I loved shooting with Marie [Avgeropoulos] and Eliza that I can’t wait for people to see and everyone else has done such incredible work.”

Morley’s character has definitely taken a turn in this season but after last episode (and the first 13 minutes of this week’s episode we were lucky enough to see at WonderCon) he seems to be getting back to normal. One of Morley’s favourite things about playing Bellamy is just how human he is in all his complexity.

“Everyone has those complex feelings they have to deal with so playing the realness in his situation is probably my favourite part of him,” Morley said.

Taylor’s character, Clarke, has been completely devastated by the loss of Lexa, but one of the things that Taylor really loves about Clarke is her resilience and ability to move forward after heartbreak.

“It’s going to be really, really tricky for her [moving on after Lexa] but she’ll push on somehow in the way that Clarke always does; that’s what I love about my character. She’s just relentless when it comes to what’s best for her people,” Taylor said.

Clarke has been all caught up on what is happening with the AI stuff by Murphy while the were locked in a room together, “sadly offscreen, I wish there was a bit more on screen.”

She did say though that she cannot wait for people to see the last two episodes of the season.

Now we just have to wait for that.

The 100 airs on the CW on Thursday’s at 9pm.

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