WonderCon 2016: Stitchers Promises A Deep, Mystery Laden Second Season

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

Freeform’s Stitchers is a sci-fi television show about a girl who is hired by the government to ‘stitch’ herself into the minds and memories of the deceased to help solve murders.

The show is just into its second season and is already gearing up to take things to the next level.

The first season of the show ended on an epic cliffhanger when the life of Cameron Goodkin, a neuroscientist who works on the Stitchers program played by Kyle Harris, is on the line and the season ends to the heart machine flatlining. 

“We knew where we had a start [in the second season],” said executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter at WonderCon. “I loved the idea, even conceptually, of we had the flatlining sound at the end of season one and it just fades into total silence. I wanted that to be excruciatingly long so that people go wait you’re going to hear the [beeping] but no, so season two begins from dead silence and then we matched the length of the fade down to the fade up waiting for the pick up [of the heartbeat] again.”

That’s just cruel isn’t it? A solid cliffhanger, but cruel nonetheless.

With Stitchers being a procedural type show with a hint of sci-fi in the mix there is always the fear that the show will become repetitive as these shows do.

“There’s a formula,” Harris said.

But in season two there is definitely a shift from the formula as they take the storylines deeper and make the viewer think. In fact, in episode eight you might not see what is really going on until it happens.

I have to say, most of the time I know [what’s coming]. Episode 8 this season, I had no idea,” Emma Ishta, who plays Kristen, said. “When I was reading the script [for episode eight] I genuinely had no idea how it was going to work out so that was cool”

Stitchers airs on Freeform on Tuesdays at 10/9 c.

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