WonderCon 2016: Legends Of Tomorrow Shows Off Jonah Hex And Teases Captain Canary

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

WonderCon  brought us some of the biggest panels this past weekend as far as television is concerned, and one of those panels was the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow panel.

The cast and crew of the show made their appearance at the convention quite memorable and fun as they dished on some of the behind the scenes fun. They also teased some of the upcoming events that will soon rock their fans.

The panel started with an epic sizzle reel that gave the audience a first look at the much hyped appearance of Jonah Hex. It was announced a while back that Jonathan Schaech was joining the show as the legendary outlaw, and the reel definitely was heavy on the Jonah drama.

Also featured in the reel was Firefly alum Jewel Staite. Staite is guest-starring on  as Rachel Turner, a descendant of a long line of inventors — one of whom turns out to be someone from the DC Universe. Rachel believes that her creations can make that world a better place. Unfortunately,  her work is destined to fall into the hands of immortal baddie Vandal Savage, who will use it to take over the world. Rachel in the reel spends some time with Ray, which leads her to team up with the Legends.

Check out the reel/trailer below!

The cast also teased that Arthur Darvill’s Rip Hunter time as the captain is limited. “Rip better watch out! Captain Canary is taking over,” teased Caity Lotz. Marc Guggenheim also chimed in, revealing that “in episode 15, Sara may sit in the captain chair and fly the time ship.”

Guggenheim also shared that there will be definitive answers to story by season’s end and not many unanswered questions left. “We’ll see the resolution of the Kendra, Carter, Ray triangle by the end of the season,” said Guggenheim, also revealing that we’d find out for sure if the Legends were successful in stopping Savage by the finale.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns this Thursday on The CW.

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