WonderCon 2016: Agents of Shield Cast Teases Secret Warriors Action And More

Credit: Erika Rivera/4YE
Credit: Erika Rivera/4YE

Since the Agents of Shield hiatus ended the show has been nonstop craziness from the introduction to the completely horrifying Hive (Brett Dalton) to the extremely emotional goodbye to fan favourites Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) and Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) who are off to star in the Shield spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted.

The tearful goodbye had the entire cast in tears but of course the one character it impacted the most was Mack (Henry Simmons) considering they were brought in to the show together and their storylines were always interlaced.

In the next episode of Shield Mack has a little home time where we meet his brother and get some backstory on him as a character and even though his brother is in the dark about his situation Simmons thinks the departure of his friends on the show is part of the reason why he wants to spend some time at home.

“Mack goes back because he’s wounded, because Bobbi and Hunter left,” Simmons said. “I think he wants to repair some other relationships that he has.”

On whether or not Simmons thinks Mack will go on to play more of a leadership role now that Bobbi and Hunter are gone he said:

“I think their are flashes of him in a leadership role but the thing is that even when we saw him step up he was very reluctant to do so because I think Mack has a respect of order. If he’s called upon to be in a leadership role he will do so but I think he has no problem in doing what’s best for the team in whatever service that may be”

Hive has probably been the most talked about person (thing?) on Shield these past few weeks because he is so terrifying, compelling, and still a complete mystery. So who is this Hive and what are we still learning about him?

“What am I still learning about the guy? Apparently Inhuman stuff doesn’t really seem to work on him too well; the guy with the paralyzing eyes doesn’t seem to have any effect and also Giyera looks like he is totally under the control of this guy as well. You’re about to see what that means,” Dalton said.

“It seems like there is certainly a connection between [Hive] and other Inhumans,” Dalton continued. “As our boy Luke [Mitchell] over there keeps talking about, all these Inhumans have their own purpose apart, they have their own function within a larger plan and so I think we’re starting to learn what that is.”

“I just love the fact that there is a character now on our show that shows less emotion than [Melinda] May,” Ming-Na Wen joked about Hive.

One thing that had been teased like crazy leading up to this third season has been the inclusion of the Secret Warriors and so far all we’ve had has been a tease (a very, very awesome tease) but have no fear, the Secret Warriors are going to be making some more appearances and from the sounds of it they are going to be fantastic.

“Fans will be thoroughly satisfied with some of the Secret Warrior action we have coming up,” Chloe Bennet said. “It was some of my favourite stuff to shoot, I think ever on this show because it’s something that Daisy has wanted. I can’t say how it ends it’s not going to be ‘we’re a team and this is how it is forever happy yay’ it’s not necessarily going to be like that but there’s a couple of very good comic book classic moments that we have with the team.”

When asked if we could be teased about the glimpse Daisy is going to be getting into the future Bennet was tight lipped joking around about the scene just being her and Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) going to Trader Joes and watching Deadpool.

But what she could say was that, “It’s not good. We start playing with time illusion and whether you can change the future and different people on the team have different opinions on whether or not that’s something you can do. It was a very emotional episode for me to shoot for sure.”

“It’s about fate,” adds Mitchell.

For fans of Lincoln we can look forward to learning some of his backstory about why his is the way he is in an upcoming episode…not to mention he is still going to be put through the ropes in hopes that he can sort through his anger problems and controlling his powers.

Be sure to tune into Marvel’s Agents of Shield on Tuesday where we get a glimpse into the life of everyone’s favourite agent, Mack.

Maybe keep an eye out for a certain weapon hybrid on Mack’s wishlist.

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