#WheresNatasha: Black Widow Is Front And Center For Captain America: Civil War Toys

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

Black Widow is finally getting some much needed respect this year.

After the backlash heard around the world last year, it looks like the marketing and merchandising team at Marvel has wised up. Last year, there was a huge uproar when Avengers: Age of Ultron hit theaters as there wasn’t a single bit of merchandise with everyone’s favorite Russian assassin.

From fans to celebs around the world, the hashtag #WheresNatasha took a life of its own as it made no sense what so ever for Scarlett Johansson’s character to be left out considering how big Natasha’s role was in the film (how popular her storyline was is another story).

Captain America: Civil War doesn’t hit theaters until May but the marketing team is already making amends and starting off on the correct foot when it comes merchandising. Black Widow is front and center in toys, collectibles, and apparel. The line-up is Disney and Marvel’s attempt to push the superhero into the spotlight well before the film’s debut.

This film is set to change the dynamics of our heroes forever as Natasha herself is in an awkward spot. The film will find Black Widow fighting not alongside her best friend Hawkeye (who has chosen to align himself with Team Cap) but instead with Tony Stark. “I think when you find her in Civil War, she’s looking to strategize her position, putting herself in a place where she is able to let the powers that be fight it out or whatever amongst themselves,” Johansson told EW.

Check out some of toys below!

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Raise your hand if you’re getting yourself a Lego Black Widow and that new Her Universe wardrobe set?

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

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