‘Vote Loki’: Marvel To Launch New Comic Series Featuring Villain

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

With the U.S. currently undergoing Super Tuesday this week, it is only fitting that the comic book world would join in the fun in a big way. While most Americans are deciding whether to Stump for Trump, Feel the Bern, or go for Hillary, Marvel Comics has a better candidate in mind. With their candidate though, voters will at least know they are being tricked in advance as it is the one and only God of Mischief, Loki.

Marvel Entertainment announced on Tuesday a new series that will roll out this summer:Vote Loki, which will feature Thor’s half-brother (or adopted brother rather) and self-proclaimed “Prince of Lies” running for political office.

The details of what Vote Loki will entail isn’t exactly clear. The official word from Marvel is that it is “all-new series [that] places a different candidate on the ballot this presidential election season,” with a launch date of June. As far as who will be writing and drawing the comic, Marvel has yet to name the creative team for the project. There is an announcement expected soon.

Superheroes and politics have a long history of mixing it up. For example, back in 2000, DC Entertainment had a storyline that featured Lex Luthor as an independent candidate. Much to Superman’s dismay, his nemesis won and was president for quite some time.

Marvel took a stab at politics in “Ultimate Universe.” In this particular storyline, Captain America was voted into office in 2012. Captain Rogers will be involved in his own political storyline soon on the big screen though when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in May.

Marvel is currently asking fans on their twitter account if they would vote for the God of Mischief.

Vote Loki is set to be available this summer.

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