The War For Hell’s Kitchen Begins In The Final Trailer For Daredevil Season Two

Credit: Netflix/Marvel
Credit: Netflix/Marvel

Just when you think that things couldn’t get worse in Hell’s Kitchen, they do.

The March 18th premiere of the hotly anticipated second season is fast approaching. The days are ticking by pretty fast, and all I want to do is mentally prepare myself for what is about to happen.

I have tissues and am planning on ordering a pizza. I am ready.

All we know about the second season is that it will be even bigger and more emotionally devastating than the first. And the first was pretty emotionally brutal as well as being just plain brutal.

So get ready for fandom therapy after, folks.

Today, Netflix has dropped the final trailer for the season. And it definitely hits at the more mystical side of the second season.

Remember that “war” which Stick (Scott Glenn) talked about in season one? The one where the Black Sky would have kicked things off? And the Hand Clan’s involvement in things? Yeah that’s going to be barring down Hell’s Kitchen on top of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) waging a one man war to clear out crime.

The trailer is beautifully shot, and the opening image had my breath catching in my throat. And it definitely promises big things are coming, even bigger than we could have imagined.

Can Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) handle what’s coming for him?

Probably. We need him to survive to seeĀ The DefendersĀ at least, but there are prices that must be paid. And they will definitely be paid in a ton of blood.

Although, major kudos are to be given to the team who does the stunt work on the show. The fights featured here are truly breathtaking in their brutality and raw efficiency. I can’t wait to see what happens in the actual season.

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