Supergirl Meets The Flash In “Worlds Finest” In This Crossover Episode

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Hey Supergirl fans! And welcome to The Flash fans this week.

It’s the crossover that we’ve been waiting for! Barry Allen is going to visit National City in this week’s episode. Just as a refresher, however, let’s talk about what happened previously.

Some Red Kryptonite made Kara go evil for a little bit so National City is having a hard time trusting her. J’onn J’onzz had to reveal himself as an alien in order to save the day. Following this, an investigation was launched into the DEO. J’onn and Alex were going to be sent to Project CADMUS when Lucy Lane and Kara rescued them. Now they’re fugitives hoping to free the surprisingly alive Jeremiah Danvers while Lucy is left in charge of the DEO.

Sound good? Awesome!

Let’s get this show on the road!

Banshee’s Scream: The DEO is running test on Siobhan. She’s not an alien and is freaked out by these powers. The doctor has no idea what’s going on with her. Winn is concerned about her, and Siobhan is not acting like herself. She walks past the cell that contains Livewire who denies for shorting out people’s brans. She wants to kill Cat and Supergirl much in line with Siobhan’s own need of revenge. Siobhan keeps getting those weird attacks, freaking her out more. She goes to CatCo. Where she attacks Kara with her scream. Siobhan goes to visit her Aunt, needing her help. The Aunt asks if she hears “her” calling Siobhan: the Banshee. The Aunt tells her that the family is cursed. Siobhan is going to have kill whoever is the object of her anger to break it. The power will grow in her, but it will destroy her soul. Siobhan thinks back to Livewire and decides to break her out in order to kill Kara. She breaks out Livewire for her assistance.

SuperFlash: Supergirl is still feeling the hurt from her Red Kryptonite rampage. National City is not trusting her. Kara doesn’t know what to do to get them to trust her. As Kara is falling from the building, a portal opens up and out runs Barry Allen. He grabs her and runs her to a field. Barry is very confused why the woman on fire doesn’t seem to be freaked out. He gets even more confused when Kara flies off. As she flies, Kara spies Barry’s lightning and lands. The two talk and Barry realizes he is not on the right Earth. He asks for Kara’s help. At the control center at CatCo., she introduces Winn and James to Barry. Barry explains about the alternate Earths and the multiverse. He also gets them all ice cream in the blink of an eye. Kara is very impressed with the Scarlet Speedster and goes to feed him. While there, Cat calls them into her office where she dubs Barry “The Blur” (poor Barry no one likes his name). After Livewire breaks out and with Siobhan around, Kara asks Barry for his help and promises to get him back home after. Barry agrees to help because of course he does. Kara takes Barry to the DEO and Barry’s pretty impressed by the whole set-up. He makes an algorithm to track down Livewire’s specific signature which leads to the one thing common on every Earth: an abandoned warehouse where the villains are. Kara rushes in ahead without a plan and Barry comes with. Livewire and the newly named Silver Banshee proceed to kick their butts until Kara and Barry use their ice breath and tornado arms. The pair escape. Later, Kara apologizes to Barry for just rushing in without a plan. She tells him what happened with the Red Kryptonite and Barry shares his experience about the Rainbow Raider. He tells Kara that her city will come to trust her again, but she needs to take it slow. He knows that she’s a good person and encourages her to keep trying. It’s a really sweet moment between the our heroes and Kara gets some hero bonding which she really needed. Unfortunately, Livewire and Silver Banshee get at Cat while Barry and Kara are regrouping (Barry whipping up some Pied Piper proof earbuds to help). Winn tries to reach Siobhan, but she’s too consumed by revenge. They take Cat to the National City Park and terrorize some civilians. In a touching moment, Cat begs Livewire to spare her, not for her sake, but for her children. Livewire actually looks conflicted for a moment until Flash and Supergirl arrive. The powered pairs fight but Livewire knocks Barry off his feet. Kara tries to fight them off on her own while the crowd looks on until she takes a blast of electricity to the chest while protecting a helicopter. The crowd gathers around Supergirl, deciding to forgive her. When Livewire goes to attack the crowd, the firemen turn the hose on her and Silver Banshee knocking them out of commission. Barry returning. Off screen, he also told NCPD how to contain metahumans and built them something as well for due process. (I would have loved to have seen that.) He also figured out a way to return home. Both he and Kara have to run to reach the necessary speed and then she literally throws him through the dimensional barrier. It works. So sure. (This was freaking adorable and a delight. And Feminist Barry is the best Barry.)

Jealous: Cat has apparently gotten over Kara breaking up with Adam. She now ships her with James and uses cupcakes as metaphors for it. She tells Kara that she needs to go for it. With Barry in town, James is feeling a little jealous that Kara is with someone more on her level. Power speaking. Winn is finding this whole thing amusing. At the DEO, Lucy tells James that if he decides to pursue something with Kara it won’t bother her. She realizes that they were trying to make something work that wasn’t working. Before he leaves, Barry tells Kara to go for it with the relationship. Ultimately, Kara finally kisses James and it’s a pretty hot kiss. Until…

Myriad: James gets a vacant expression on his face. He leaves the apartment without saying a word to Kara. She looks out on the streets and sees all of National City marching like soldiers. Non, with a strange metal ball, declares that Myriad is online. He will first conquer National City and then will conquer the world.

Well damn. That’s not good.

See you all on April 11th to see how this turns out.

Bec Heim