Supergirl Is “Falling” Into The Dark Side On This Week’s Episode

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Howdy folks!

We’re hitting the last stretch of new episodes before Supergirl bows out for its first season.

It certainly looks like we have a run of good ones coming up. Tonight, we get to see Kara exposed to red Kryptonite to get her in touch with her darker urges.

So let’s get to the recap then, shall we?

Kindness: Cat Grant is on The Talk for a guest spot. She’s been named the Most Powerful Person of National City. On the show, Cat praises Supergirl’s kindness and sweet heart. While she talks about these things, we see Kara go help a young fan deal with some bullies. Cat needs Winn and Kara goes searching for him. Using her X-Ray vision, she sees Winn and Siobhan get it on in the closet. Kara goes to see James, Lucy has left National City and quit her job. Kara is trying to be comforting, but James admits that he didn’t love Lucy as much as he should have. Alex knew that it was ending, but Kara does not want to be the rebound here.

Unknown: Senator Crane is here and fully supportive of the DEO. She’s trying to get more funding for the operation. Also, she’s here to hit on J’onn/Henshaw. She really likes him. While there, Supergirl gets called out to a fire. She saves a man, but as she leaves there’s red kryptonite in her general proximity. Who the hell leaves that lying around? The alien of the week is K’Hund, super strong and wants a lot of gold. The DEO goes after it, and Kara fights it. While under the influence, she lets the K’Hund go because he’s not even worthy to fight her. When J’onn gets in her face about, Kara turns it on him saying that she’s tired of being blamed when things don’t go right. J’onn’s hiding is annoying to her because she hates being put in danger. When the DEO captures the K’Hund, he tells them that Supergirl let him away.

Red: The next morning, we see the affected Kara get to work. She smashes her alarm clock and gets done up all sleek and sexy. At work, her new look gets positive attention from Cat who congratulates her on looking like an adult. Kara also has a new list of Lucy’s replacements for Cat and does such a thorough job that Cat gives her two tickets for a DJ that Friday. Siobhan gets video footage of Supergirl letting the K’Hund go. She shows Cat the footage, but Cat is willing to give Supergirl the benefit of the doubt. Kara later overhears Siobhan preparing to send the video file to the Daily Planet. Kara prints out the document and hands it over to Cat. Cat fires Siobhan and says she talked to Perry White, he won’t be hiring her. In celebration, Kara takes Winn and James out dancing. On the dance floor, she gets a bit rough with James and disparages Lucy. Cat calls James and wants to see Supergirl. Kara goes to meet her and starts to give over to her darker self more. She eventually throws Cat off the building in a power demonstration, saving her at the last minute. James and Winn head to the DEO to see Alex and Henshaw. Scanning the scene of the fire, they find a Kryptonite signature. It was made by…Maxwell Lord! Lord has realized what he has unleashed upon everyone. He offers to makes a weapon to reverse the synthetic red kryptonite that he has been making. With no other option, Cat has to denounce Supergirl publicly because she isn’t safe to be around.

Descent: In wake of Cat’s denouncement of Supergirl, the city is on high alert. Alex goes to see her sister, but Kara is too far gone to listen. Instead, Alex returns to the DEO where Lord is finishing up his anti-red kryptonite ray. Senator Crane wants the DEO to bring down Supergirl no matter what. J’onn, on the other hand, wants to bring Kara in to help her. Angered by Cat’s message, Supergirl starts to go on a rampage to show how dangerous she really is. It’s some of the best and brutal fight sequences done. It shows how dangerous Kara can be without her better nature keeping her in check as she bats the DEO around. She even breaks Alex’s arm and is about to kill her. J’onn, seeing this, reveals his Martian form to the crowd and starts to give Kara a legit fight. The fight gives Alex enough time to fire off a blast of the anti-red kryptonite weapon. Unfortunately, the DEO swarms J’onn and takes him into custody.

Apology: Kara wakes up, fully aware of what she has done. The only good news is that she hasn’t killed anyone. Tearfully, she apologizes to Alex for what she did. She says it was like all her dark thoughts had taken over her mind and she couldn’t keep them back. Alex tells her that it wasn’t her fault. Kara doesn’t look like she totally agrees with that, but the sisters reaffirm their relationship. Meanwhile, Senator Crane has a talk with J’onn. She asks if he killed the real Henshaw, and he doesn’t answer. Apparently, this incident has put her off aliens again and he’s stuck in a cell. Alex visits and asks why he didn’t leave. Daddy Martian is honest with her and says that he wasn’t going to leave her or Kara behind. The next day at work, Kara goes to apologize to James. Like Alex, he tells her it wasn’t her fault and when she tries to confess her feelings for him, he closes off. He needs time to process. That night, Supergirl and Cat have a conversation on her balcony. Kara tells Cat how much she loves National City and the people in it. Cat says that she needs to earn back their trust and hers. Cat, however, has faith that she can do so. The episode ends with the pair sitting on the balcony and looking out at the city.

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