Round Two, Batman! Melissa Benoist Shares Her Supergirl Survival Tips

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Tonight, Supergirl will be meeting The Flash in, what I’m sure, will be the most adorable thing that doesn’t involve the Puppy Bowl on my TV this year.

That being said, Supergirl’s cousin, Superman has had a rough weekend dueling out with Batman,in I’m sure one of the multiverses that Gustin’s Barry Allen will not want to visit. The critics were terrible even though the box office draw has been huge for the film.

It’s a hard year for superheroes. They all just want to fight each other and the fandoms are just ready to go at it.

Honestly, can’t we all get along?

Still this slight will not stand so Melissa Benoist went down to Entertainment Weekly to share exactly how Supergirl will defeat the Bat of Gotham.

Her answer? “Supergirl rallies all the Kryptonians on the planet to take on Batman.”

Yeah. That protective instinct for her little baby cousin Superman is still there, Bruce. You hurt him and Supergirl will mess you up. It’s actually surprising sweet when you think about it.

In addition to her Bat battling advice, Benoist also shared how Supergirl would defeat the following: the bear attack from The Revenant, Bruce the shark from Jaws, Sharknado from well SharknadoThe Hunger Games, King Kong, and the sinking of the Titanic.

Most of the answers are what I would expect from the character, which is rooted in compassion and empathy.

Although apparently sharks with frikkin’ laser beams would do the trick against both Benoist and Kara Danvers. Who knew?

You can catch the video below.

See? This is why you don’t mess with the Girl of Steel or her family. She will bring down the pain and have zero mercy.

You can see Supergirl on Mondays on CBS at 8/7c.


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